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Water Lover

Fort Stevens, Oregon

Tried something new today while camping at Fort Stevens–kayaking!

Our guides Lynn and Hugh are teachers from the Tri-Cities area in south eastern Washington. Every summer for the last ten years they have worked at various parks teaching others about nature.

They were excellent guides and made all of us feel very welcome and comfortable regardless of our skill level (or lack there of).

We saw lots of wildlife including a doe and fawn, a bald eagle, an osprey, and a heron sitting in a pine tree.

I loved it and could easily fall in love with smooth water kayaking.

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Yep, that’s really me! This trip has been so good for me that I’ve lost 25 pounds, grown my hair out, and worked on my tan. Hee hee…


Netarts, Oregon

If you’re like me, you have something in your life that fills you full of awe.

During those awe-filled moments, time is suspended and cares float away. You are totally in the moment.

Maybe it’s a special song, a painting, a scent, or an activity.  Maybe you’re like me and have more than one, but there’s usually one thing that brings the highest level of awe.

Metolius River

For me, that’s trail running along a river in and among pine trees. It’s the closest I come to nirvana. And yesterday’s jaunt along the Metolius River in central Oregon was awe-some!

Wishing you sublime moments of awe throughout each and every day.