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He’s a Tough Son of a Gun

I’m not supposed to write anything about Rich in this blog.  And I normally honor his wishes,  but today’s different.

As I type this,  he’s in surgery to repair a broken knee.

Two weeks ago he fell off a saw horse as he was trimming a window on his new shop.  He heard a loud pop and fell  to the ground.

I wasn’t home,  so he crawled back up to a standing position on the saw horse.  Then he used that saw horse as a crutch to get back to the house.


Once at the house,  he figured out that he could crawl just fine.  He couldn’t stand or put any weight on his right leg.  If he did,  he’d crumple to the ground in pain.

After a trip to the emergency room followed by  jumping through all sorts of hoops and getting help great friends,  we found a great trauma orthopedic surgeon who is working on him right now.

Turns out Rich has both a split fracture and a compression fracture on his right tibia. So he needs both pins and screws and some bone grafts to repair his knee.

His breaks look similar to this,  but his bone is crumpled to right of the break.


We were really hoping that the surgery could combine the repair and a needed knee replacement.

But,  that can’t be done.  So today’s surgery fixes the breaks and prepares the knee for a replacement in a year.

He’s a tough son of a gun and that’s what is going to get him through both the surgery and the following three months of non – weight bearing time on a walker…



Surgery went well.  Doctor put in 60cc of grafting material,  a plate,  and some screws.