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Potty Humor

Sometimes the stuff that shows up on Facebook is just too silly not to share…

Ever heard of the Squatty Potty?

I hadn’t until it ‘surfaced’ on Facebook.

Does it work?

Apparently from the nearly 5000 positive reviews on, it does.

Need some more good laughs today? Read the reviews on the 9″ high version amazon.  And then additional reviews on the 7″ high version.

Here are some of my favorites:





Loving Vincent

I spied this on Facebook yesterday and was intrigued enough to do a bit of searching…

Trailer from the upcoming film Loving Vincent by Breakthru Films. Obtained from the official website:

12 oil paintings per second, all done by over 100 painters trained in the same style.

Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world’s most beloved painters, told by his paintings and by the characters that inhabit them. The intrigue unfolds through interviews with the characters closest to Vincent and through dramatic reconstructions of the events leading up to his death.

Loving Vincent features over one hundred and twenty of Vincent Van Gogh’s greatest paintings. The plot, drawn from the 800 letters written by the painter himself, lead us to the significant people and events in the time leading up to his unexpected death.

Loving Vincent will be the world’s first feature-length painted animation, and is brought to you by Oscar winning film companies Breakthru Films and Trademark Films. Every frame in the Loving Vincent movie is an oil painting on canvas, using the very same technique in which Vincent himself painted.

I may have to break my 17-year-fast from going to a movie theater to see this because Van Gogh fascinates me! 🙂

“Gotta Go” App

I started watching Chelsea Handler’s new series on Neflix: Chelsea Does…


I’ve never watched anything by her before. She’s very raw and not for the faint at heart. But the show is very provocative and interesting.

In the series, she examines four different topics in depth: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs.

In the episode about the Silicon Valley, she examines technology and pitches an app that she came up with to help her get out of bad dates.

It’s called “Gotta Go”.


The app allows the user to generate excuses and set alarms for text messages and calls. To use Gotta Go, you tap on the emoji associated with the excuse you want to use, add the contact number to your address book, and set the alarm.

Basically, the app can send you a text, a phone call or an email based on an scenario that allows you to leave. But, here’s the brilliant part, you can show the text to your date to prove that there really is an emergency. Your mom is sick, your dogs have escaped your back yard, whatever…

Gotta Go would be perfect to use on a blind date when you want to leave early. Or set it up to send you an alarming note to get out of a boring meeting.

I just wish I would have thought it up.  🙂

If you want, you can read more about it here… 

My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend.

Her name?

Apsercreme W. Lidocaine


I have been having trouble with my knee for a while. Nothing serious, just annoying.  And it’s interfering with my pickleball game. 🙂

Last week it was really cold here and my knee started throbbing after I played pickleball for nearly four hours on concrete. (Stupid to play that long, but wow was it fun!)

I’m not sure if it was the cold or the four hours on concrete that made it throb. Probably a combination of both.

Regardless, it was a pain. Literally and figuratively…


I upped my NSAIDs, and that helped. But I didn’t want to continue them at that high of a dose for a long time, so I looked for a topical.

There are dozens to choose from…


So I looked for one that said maximum strength because, what the heck, why buy one that only had minimum strength? What would be the point?

I now rub some Aspercreme with Lidocaine on before pickleball and whenever my knee hurts during the day.

It’s not magic, but it does help.


And that’s why I have a new best friend that goes with me most everywhere…

Whoa, Neti

I’ve got a bit of a head cold. Nothing serious; just enough to be annoying.

I clean my sinuses out via nasal irrigation with a Neti Pot. Neti-Pot

Nasal irrigation, or nasal lavage or nasal douche, is a personal hygiene practice in which the nasal cavity is washed to flush out excess mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses.  (From Wikipedia)

Yep, it’s as gross as it sounds. But it helps so much to clean all the gunk out.

Not only do I use it during and after a cold, I also use it a lot during allergy season. And I use it when it’s abnormally dry to moisturize my sinuses.


I fill my neti pot with warm water and pinch of a blend of 50% salt and 50% baking soda. Most recipes use just salt, but I read a post by Dr. Andrew Weil where he mentioned that adding baking soda helps achieve a better pH balance. For me, the blend of the two gives the most soothing results.

I pour the solution into  one nostril and it magically goes through my sinuses and comes out the other nostril.

It’s not the most graceful thing I do in and of a day, so I generally do it while ALONE in the bathroom.


Lots of people neti. 🙂


Should you decide to give a net a try, you can get one in a plethora of colors. selection of colours

But if you get squeamish at the scientific curiosity of seeing all the amazing things that come of while neti-ing, you might just want to say, “Whoa, neti!”

whoa (1)

Singing Praise to Patti’s Pies

Singer Patti Labelle has teamed with Walmart to sell her Sweet Potato Pies.


The pies are literally flying off the shelf, so CNN’s Jeanne Moos investigated…

Check out James Wright’s original tribute to the pie.

It’s gone viral and will bring a smile to your face…

PS I haven’t tried the pie and probably won’t. I just love James’ video. 🙂


I have a tendency to pick up phrases and mild accents from TV series I watch or books I read.

For example, I’ve read Lonesome Dove at least three times, and friends and family can always tell because that’s when I say, “Dern!” a lot.

Right now I’m watching Last Tango in Halifax while I’m sewing a bunch of product to fill an order. It’s a “brilliant” English series that I highly recommend.

Enjoy an uplifting comedy-drama about romance and second chances. Childhood sweethearts Alan  and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, fall for each other all over again when they are reunited after nearly 60 years.

The celebratory tale of the power of love at any age is also a story about family — a family with baggage. Alan and Celia’s daughters, whose dysfunctional lives bring drama at every turn, would never dream of getting in the way of their parents’ happiness. But somehow they just can’t help themselves.

Since I starting binge watching it, I find myself saying all sorts of British things. Some of the verbs I’m using are out of syntax for American English, but work quite well for British English.

Ever notice how the English often leave off articles in sentences, especially ‘the’?

One of the characters was going “to hospital” not “to the hospital”.

And the use of verbs sounds weird. Alan, the main male character, often says, “He were….” instead of “He was…”

Anyway, I’m picking up “gobs” of English slang as I watch and listen to the show.

Next time I get drunk, I’ll be getting “pissed‘.


And when someone cuts me off on the road, I’ll be calling him/her a “wanker“.

If I wasn’t phone phobic, I’d be telling others to “ring me“.

But since I am phone phobic and in need of some alone time, I’ll just say, “Bugger off!” 🙂


Want to enjoy working on your British slang?

Watch Last Tango in Halifax.


You’ll be glad you did.

It’s the “Bee’s Knees“.


I’ve Been Uberized

My car was repaired from my recent accident much faster than anticipated. And because Rich still can’t drive from his recent knee break and surgery, I needed a ride to get my car back from the car surgeon*.

I tried to call one of our new neighbors to ask for a favor, but they weren’t home. I asked Melissa if she’d take me, and she said, “Sure!” But I hated to have her to drive me in Boise’s rush hour traffic after a long day of teaching.


Rich suggested that I just call a taxi cab, and I thought about that. But I’m weirded out by the taxis here in Boise because they are all independents.

When I grew up in Reno, all the taxi cabs were part of a company. And they all advertised the world famous Mustang Ranch (a local brothel) as they drove around town.


And I’ve never been in a taxi that didn’t smell awful…

So on a whim, I decided to try Uber. My hope was that the Uber driver’s car didn’t smell.  🙂

Uber Technologies Inc. signage stands inside the company's office prior to Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, speaking in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, March 24, 2014. Rubio addressed the need to adapt antiquated government regulations to increase economic opportunities for the 21st century and outdated regulations limit consumer choice. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Uber Technologies Inc. (stylized as U B E R) is an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.  (From Wikipedia)

I downloaded the Uber app onto my smart phone because that’s the only way to use Uber. The app is very intuitive.

Within a minute of starting the app, my phone told Uber where I was and I entered in where I wanted to go.

I chose Keith as my Uber driver. The app showed me his picture, his rating (4.9 out of 5), his car make and model (Toyota Prius), and his license plate number.

Once I said “AOK” to Keith, a map showed up on my screen with a little car showing me exactly where Keith was. It also showed me the other Uber drivers in the area. I followed Keith’s progress towards our house on the map and stepped outside about a minute before he pulled into my driveway.


I opened the car front door and told Keith, “I’m an Uber virgin, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Do I sit in front or in back?”

Keith smiled and said, “You can sit wherever you’re comfortable, but I talk a lot so I would prefer if you sit in front. ”

As we drove to the auto body shop, Keith explained to me how Uber works.  He said that I already acted like I was NOT an Uber virgin because I texted him to say I was waiting for him and I had already put in where I wanted to go. Many people don’t put in their destination.

He then said that all the money transactions are completed via the Uber app. Tipping is not required. Some people do tip,  but most people do not. That reduced the anxiety of my having to decide to tip or not,  let alone how much to tip…


He continued to say that I had to give him a rating before I could book another Uber ride, and that all Uber drivers are required to rate their customers as well.

This is to protect the drivers from obnoxious and/or dangerous riders.

I said that I had seen that he had a 4.9 rating. “But,” I continued, “I’m going to have to give you a lower rating.”

Keith looked surprised and asked why.

“You’re not wearing your seat belt, and that’s freaking me out!”


He apologized and said that he would be in Uber trouble if I wrote that because that’s a violation of Uber policy. He then proceeded to put his seat belt on.

I then asked Keith to share some Uber stories because he’s been doing it for a couple of years.

He’s driven people from nearly 30 foreign countries while they visited the Boise area.

victorHis most famous passenger was Victor Ortiz, a former WBC welterweight boxing champion and Dancing with the Stars contestant. (I don’t know which Ortiz is more famous for because I don’t follow either boxing or DWTS. 🙂  )

And Thursdays are the busiest days for all local Uber drivers.

Keith and I talked about all sorts of things on our journey. In fact, we were talking so much that we nearly missed the turn into the auto shop.

At the end of the journey, Keith showed me the final total of my fare which didn’t include any credits  for coupons I had entered into my Uber account.

While the fare was about $20, I had entered a coupon into the app for first time customers that completely covered my fare up to $22.

So my ride was free!

Will I use Uber again? Most likely no. It’s rare that I need a ride. But if I do, I’d use Uber again.uber-1*If you live in the Treasure Valley and you are unfortunate enough to get into a wreck, consider using Mike Minegar’s Auto Body Shop. They did a GREAT job in RECORD time. 🙂


Ever want to watch a telenovela–‘a limited-run serial drama’?

Telenovelas are popular basically everywhere but the U.S. Their name is derived from tele, short for television, and novela, a short novel.

Telenovelas are similar to soap operas, but unlike soaps they generally don’t run more than a year.

There’s a series that started a year ago on the CW network called Jane the Virgin. It’s about “Jane Villanueva, a working, religious young Latina virgin, who becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake.”

While Jane the Virgin isn’t a telenovela, it is similar to one in tone, playfulness, and content…


And it’s excellent! I highly recommend it!

Gina Rodriguez plays Jane, and her portrayal of a strong, confident, and religious young woman is spot on.

The supporting cast and characters are varied and perfect!


Season 1 is on Netflix, and Season 2 is currently airing on the CW.

PS Thanks to Melissa for telling me about the show. I’m loving it!

The Penny Date

Dear Gentle Blogreader,

stackofpenniesYou may have seen or heard of this before, but I haven’t. A friend posted it on Facebook.

Rich is still recuperating from his broken knee and surgery, so we can’t do this yet.

But once he’s ready for me to chauffeur him around, we’ll be doing this for our next ‘date’.

From Mix96

“The Penny Date” — Unique and Fun Date Idea!

Whether it’s your first date or your 400th, here’s fun, new, unique way of figuring out where to go!

I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and had to share it. What a fun day!


Penny Date Rules:

  1. Get dressed and grab a penny.
  2. Let your partner choose a number between 10-20. This will be the number of times you flip the penny.
  3. Pull out of the driveway and begin! HEADS is right, TAILS is left.
  4. Every time you come to an intersection, flip the penny, and turn the corresponding direction.
  5. Once you get to the number from Step 2, look around. Make your date there!

We often have a hard time deciding what to do or deciding who’s going to decide what to do.

The Penny Date will take a lot of the decision making out of each date. 🙂