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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


We are celebrating our “Thanks for Christmas” combination holiday.

Richie came down from Seattle. Melissa’s close by in Boise. We’re in Meridian.

Good times, a few gifts, and lots of love.

Lots to be thankful for…


Little Love Gift

Meridian, Idaho

I received a wonderful little love gift yesterday!

Rich’s cousin’s wife, Renee, sent me some lavender sachets.

She grew the lavender in her yard, harvested the lavender after the bees had finished their pollination, removed the flower buds from the stems, and placed them in pretty gauze bags.

Displaying 0710151824.jpg

So thoughtful and so welcomed.

Just lovely!

(And perfect to help make my car smell better because it gets so stinky after I am done playing pickleball. 🙂 )

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Dear Gentle Blog Reader,

I wish you and yours a very


Rich and I are going for a hike this morning.

Then we’ll come home to celebrate Thanksgiving in Homer with a hopefully scrumptious turkey, stuffing, and cranberry dish from Costco while watching oodles of football…

I’m grateful for so many things, too many to list…


But I’m quite sad because I’m really missing my kids this year. I’m thinking that we should celebrate Christmas in July or whenever we can all be together.

Wishing the best holiday season for y’all with lots of love…


Ode to Pumpkins

Boise, Idaho

We’re still in Boise for a few more days, so I don’t have much travel to blog about.

I put several topics into a hat, picked one out, and, voila, it’s time to talk about pumpkins!


I love pumpkins. I love their shapes, I love their colors, I love their textures, and, most of all, I love their taste!

I know that coffee people go crazy when Starbucks starts serving their Pumpkin Spice Latte each fall.


I’m not a coffee drinker, and I’m not sure pumpkin would blend well with my perennial favorite drink–Diet Pepsi.

But when I was looking for an image to use, I came across one for Pumpkin Spice Latte ice cream. Hmmmm…. might have to give that a try.


One of the things I miss about living in a real home is an oven because I love to bake. And I have a pumpkin cookie recipe that I always bake when I’m feeling blue. In over 20 years of baking those pumpkin cookies several times per year, they have only turned out badly once and that was when I accidentally put the baking soda in at triple the amount. Awful mistake…

So until I have a real oven, I’m periodically feeding my pumpkin fix with a Costco Pumpkin muffin.


Yep, I know that they are nearly 700 calories. That’s why Rich and I split one.

Plus think how many calories I’m saving by not eating pumpkin cookie dough. 🙂

Oh, and if anyone has connections at Costco, please ask them to start baking the Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins again. They were amazing!

Happy Pumpkin Eating!

Things My Granddog Taught Me

Boise, ID

The main reason we are back in Boise for a bit is to watch our daughter’s dog Olive while Melissa is on a vacation with her best friend Kassi. They are going to watch some professional soccer and to visit Richie in Seattle.

Olive is a lovable, albeit slightly neurotic, Schnauzer who has yet to realize that she’s a dog. She thinks she’s human… And in lots of ways she’s pretty gosh darned close.


She’s very sensitive to any kind of stimuli. I have seen Olive refuse to walk another step because a tiny willow leaf is stuck on her leg.

Unfortunately for Olive, fireworks are legal in Idaho. And many of Melissa’s neighbors exercise their legal right to try to blow things up and cause wildfires on Independence Day.

I have never seen as much fear in an animal as Olive showed last night. Poor sweetie was terrified.

But what surprised me the most was that Olive remembered it all the next morning. She cautiously went outside this morning and looked for the residual chaff from the night before.

Sophie doesn’t remember five minutes ago let alone the previous night. I told Melissa that I was surprised that Olive remembered. She said, “Olive remembers EVERYTHING!”

Olive taught me to never assume what someone (or something) will remember.

It’s better to operate on the assumption that all of my words and deeds have impacts and consequences that I am responsible for.

Now if only Melissa’s neighbors would realize this and clean up all the chaff in the street and Melissa’s front yard left over from their revelries.

UPDATE: The neighbors cleaned up!

Thank Goodness for Science + Technology

Boise ID

I am on a cocktail of medications, and I am thankful for them each and every day that I take them.

And I’m thankful for the science and scientists that created the medications and the technology to help me get them…


I know a lot of people are anti-medications, and if it works for them, great.

It won’t work for me.

I love my drugs and my drugs help me live and love life better.

Now that we’re traveling, I’m relying more and more on technology to manage our lives.

I now have a smart phone and rely on it heavily to communicate, coordinate, and connect.

I spent four weeks and made over 50 phone calls trying to get just one of my medications renewed after changing insurance plans–not insurance companies, just plans within the same company.

If it weren’t for my cell phone, I think it would have taken at least three times as long.

I’ve set up Google Documents to track our itineraries, bank accounts, credit card statements, etc… They are accessible as long as I have cell phone coverage and/or wi-fi. And with on-line banking, life’s even easier.

Thanks why I’m thankful for tech geeks that created all the gadgets to make my life easier!



An Angel Named Michael

Boise, ID

I have had no trouble reaching a human at my new specialty pharmacy company.

But I have had big trouble connecting with one who could and actually WOULD help me.

I finally connected with an angel named Michael. Michael helped me more than a dozen others had over the last four weeks.


He not only listened to me whine, he started a process to correct the errors that had happened up until that point in time.

I told Michael that if we were in the same room I’d hug and kiss him!

I could almost hear him blushing over the phone…

Since I can’t hug Michael in person, I’m sending him a Thank You gift and note card expressing my appreciation.

Hopefully Michael likes Chicago popcorn as much as I do.


Things My Dog Teaches Me

Fort Stevens, Oregon

Sophie will be four years old at the end of the month, but she acts like she’s going on four months. She’s still 3/4 puppy…



She’s a Welsh Terrier. I like a dog (and kids and friends) who misbehave a bit. I also wanted a dog that was full of piss and vinegar. As Rich often says, “You got what you wanted in spades!”

Sophie, like all dogs, is totally in the NOW. She doesn’t remember what happened five minutes ago because what’s happening right now is freaking amazing.

What a great way to live an engaged life.

She also never passes up a chance to play. As Rich and I are on this adventure, we’re aspiring to her wisdom more and more.