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Belly Laughter

Meridian, Idaho

Carol and I had a laughing session last night while visiting.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard her laugh that loud and/or that long. And I was right there laughing loud and long with her.

It was about three times as long as this… Enjoy! 🙂

Hot Sh*t

Meridian,  Idaho

So there was a wildfire two days ago in the foothills just north of Boise.


And when the fire was first reported on the news, the official wording was a bit odd:

Carrie Bilbao, BLM spokeswoman says there was evidence and “other personal items left at the scene,” proving the fire was man-made.

headline-1The fact that there was a fire is not unique,  but yesterday’s headline stating the cause of the fire was very unique!

Turns out that a dirt bicyclist stopped for a bit to relieve himself. He lit his used toilet paper on fire.

Embers from his fire caught the dry grass on fire, and the rest is history.

He turned himself in to the Bureau of Land Management saying that he may have caused the fire. Officials haven’t released his name (I’ll bet he’s thrilled about that!), and it hasn’t been decided if he will be charged.

But I’m wondering if it was really the toilet paper that caused the fire. Survivalists often use poop to create fire. Maybe this guy had the right combination of roughage and fats in his diet to create the perfect ‘fire starter’. 🙂

From KTVB:

Bureau of Land Management officials say a cyclist who couldn’t hold it is responsible for starting a fire that scorched more than 73 acres in the Boise foothills.

According to BLM spokeswoman Carrie Bilbao, a man was cycling in the foothills when he stopped to defecate in a ravine. Afterwards, the man tried to get rid of the waste by lighting his toilet paper on fire. The man apparently tried to bury the burning waste to extinguish it, but an ember spread to nearby dry grass.

“I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go,” Bilbao said.

The Hull Fire was reported at about 1:30 p.m. by several people off 8th Street in the Hulls Gulch area. Emergency responders called in ground and air resources to quell the flames, which spread to 73 acres. The fire was contained by 8 p.m.

“We’ve had this before, actually – it doesn’t happen very often – but when people have to go, um, they will often burn their toilet paper just as kind of an environmental concern, to not litter, basically, but in these fuel types, it’s not a good idea,” Bilbao said.

Bilbao said the man came forward and told the BLM he might be responsible for the blaze. The man’s story matched “evidence” found at the scene, according to investigators.

Police have not yet decided whether to charge the man with a crime or hold him financially responsible for fire-fighting costs. The man’s name has not been released.

Diet Pepsi Dilemma

Meridian, Idaho

I’m a Diet Pepsi junkie.

If there were DP Anonymous meetings, I’d be tempted to go. But thankfully, as far as I know, there are no meetings.

I have been drinking Diet Pepsi for at least 40 years. Yep, that long…

I gave it up for Lent once–longest 40 days of my life!

94aaa5815ffc70bb1f6bf72ada5973fdLately, there’s been a change in the bottling methods of Diet Pepsi and it’s creating a dilemma for me.

They’ve changed the sizes of many of the bottles.

I used to buy it in two sizes: 24 ounce to drink as I was in the car and 2 Liter to drink at home in a glass over ice.

Both sizes were perfect!

Today’s post concerns the 24 ounce bottles.

The 24 ounce was enough for a long car ride, and I even had a bit left to share with Rich.

But as of this spring, there are no more 24 ounce sizes sold.

There’s a 16.9 ounce which is almost one-third less than the perfect 24 ounce size. Alas, I don’t have enough to share with Rich anymore when we go on drives. 🙂

 I thought I was the only one who missed the 24 ounce bottle, but then I found a support group on Facebook.


I got the giggles when I read some of the posts on the Pepsi please bring back 6 pks. 24 oz bottles Facebook page.

Here’s my favorite from a fan who thinks there’s a connection between the size of toilet paper rolls and Pepsi bottles:

I was a faithful Pepsi fan for the last forty plus years. Ever since the 6-pack of 24oz bottles came out I have purchased about six a week as it was about the only thing I drink. It is the perfect size to take a couple to work. I hate cans and am not fond of the small bottles. I feel you are doing the same thing the toilet paper people did. Make it smaller, charge the same price and maybe they won’t notice. Well, I noticed and I will no longer buy any of it. I now only buy toilet paper from Costco and I no longer drink Pepsi. I have done what my kids have wanted me to do and am drinking ice tea and more water. Basically, lost me as a faithful customer by treating us like idiots.

Obviously, “Faithful Pepsi Fan” and I are not the only Pepsi fans who are upset with the change…

Please bring back the 24 ounce bottles. I can’t even find the 20 ounce bottle anymore. 16 ounce bottles fall over in the cup holder in the car they don’t fit in my cooler cups come on Pepsi please get real. 

Still giggling over that one. As I read through the posts on the Facebook page, I’m beginning to think that all of us who are addicted to Pepsi are just a tad crazy….


There are lots of smaller sizes of DP available, but for obvious reasons they won’t work for me.

When Rich saw the 8 ounce size at the store, he said, “There’s no way that would even be enough to get you out of the driveway.”

Ha ha ha… He’s right. 🙂

Butt Slap

Meridian, Idaho

I’ve been playing hours and hours of pickleball lately.

I’m learning lots. I’m sweating lots. And I’m having a blast.

There’s nothing new with all that…

But something new happened a few days ago:

My playing partner slapped my butt with his paddle and said, “Good shot, Kathy!”

butt slap

(When you see a butt slap happen, it doesn’t look nearly as awkward as it does in  still photo shots. 🙂 )

It’s only happened once, and I’m sure I don’t want him to continue the practice. It might lead me to play less effectively in order to avoid getting a butt slap as shown in this funny scene from The Office.

Angry Yoga

Meridian, Idaho

This video is hilarious!

It’s called Angry Yoga, and it’s less than two minutes long.

The parody is from a show called “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”, a long-running Canadian comedy series on CBC.

Thanks to my twin sister, Carol, for sending this to me. 🙂

Be sure to watch until the very end…

“Sometimes yoga doesn’t cut it. Ask your doctor about marijuana.”

And if you liked it, here’s the sequel: Angrier Yoga.

Fridays with Freddie on Facebook

Meridian, Idaho

MikeRoweI love Mike Rowe. He’s a fascinating guy.

Y’all know him. He’s the one who was on Dirty Jobs and is now on CNN’s Somebody’s Got to Do It.

I started following him on Facebook about a year ago. He has some interesting things to say, but my favorite postings to read are Fridays with Freddie.


Freddie is his dog, and Friday’s posts are written by Freddie.

Yesterday’s was so funny I laughed out loud.

Here it is…

Fridays With Freddy

Alissa Marie Curtin writes,

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and Freddy this morning! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and take a photo. It really made my morning! As I mentioned, I work at CK Contemporary Art in Union Square. I would love have you stop by sometime! We have a great show right now featuring paintings by K. Henderson. She collects pieces of childhood memorabilia and paints them with the most fantastic realism. I have included a few images below with the picture of us as well. Again it was such a treat to meet you today! I am a huge fun of yours, and Freddie’s! Alissa Curtain, 5/22/15”

Hello Alissa. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. And judging from the way you leapt from your SUV after putting it up there on the sidewalk, I’ll assume you were indeed both pleased and excited to find us in the midst of our morning stroll to nowhere. I’m not sure how the encounter unfolded from your perspective, but here’s how it went down for me.

After searching longer than usual for the elusive odor that allows my sphincter to involuntarily spasm, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever begin my long-awaited constitutional. I finally found the necessary scent on the outskirts of the gutter, mixed in with some pine needles and a Zagnut wrapper. I had barely completed my compulsory two and half spins before last nights dinner was halfway to the pavement, neatly transformed into a robust pair of perfectly formed, jumbo tootsie rolls. I was fast, but The Biped was faster. (Lately, my Human Butler has taken to snatching my turds from midair, before they actually hit the ground. He says it’s preferable to “scraping my shit off the street,” though I’m not sure that pulling my feces straight out of my anus and walking around with the prize in a periwinkle sack puts either one of us in the most elegant light. Whatever. It’s a small price to pay for getting to crap whenever the spirit moves you.)

Anyway, I had just pinched my last loaf directly into His Majesty’s bagged hand, when the squeal of your brakes snapped us both to attention. Though initially alarmed by your entrance, I want to say that you handled the encounter with more grace than other females of your species have exhibited in similar circumstances. However, there’s something you should know about the photo you posted. Just behind your back, dangling from the Biped’s thumb and forefinger, is the aforementioned bag of dogshit.

You see, when the situation calls for it, The Biped can be both discreet and dexterous, and I have to say that I was impressed by the skillful way he managed to keep my excrement from ruining an otherwise splendid encounter. Trust me – had you come upon us just a few seconds earlier, the resulting photo would have not been suitable for framing.

Anyway, thanks for recognizing me. The cat downstairs watched the whole thing from the window and is still seething with jealousy. Which is as it should be. And good luck with your art thing.


PS. I like the rodent with the deformed hand, but the two-legged bat in black underpants is troubling.

Mike-3 Mike-2 Mike-1

Daily Laugh…

Meridian, Idaho

I just realized something this morning…

I miss reading the comic strip each morning in the newspaper.

Especially Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side–my perennial favorites.

What better way is there to start the morning than with a good giggle? calvin-hobbes-calvin-and-hobbes-23762778-1280-800
Perhaps an inspirational reading might be better, but for me a giggle first and then the inspirational reading works best. 🙂

So here are a couple of giggles for you, Gentle Blog Reader.

The Far Side by Gary Larson


Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson


This was the first Far Side comic by Gary Larson I ever saw, and I was hooked from that moment on.

far-side-cowsI’m going to start each morning with a daily giggle from now on by looking at a Calvin and Hobbes comic via an app on my phone. What fun!


Stadium Pal

Meridian, Idaho

As you read this Gentle Blog Reader, Rich and/or I will be down at Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale. We hope to sell oodles of things we don’t need anymore.


There’s some good news and a bit more bad news.

The bad news is that it’s supposed to rain. Hopefully not hard, but the event will go on “Rain or Shine”.

The good news is that the event is highly attended, and, according to my daughter who has had friends do it, vendors sell lots of their stuff and make “shitloads of money”!


The second piece of bad news is that, because the event runs from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., I’ll be there for hours because vendors can’t leave early!

I’m a bit concerned about how far I’ll have to walk to use the restroom facilities. I will have to leave the booth unattended while Rich isn’t there…

Thinking about that reminded me of David Sedaris’ essay on a product called Stadium Pal. Sedaris outlines an experiment he conducted with bodily fluids and a tube and a bag…

(Maybe I can find a Stadium Palette (Stadium Pal for gals) at the Garage Sale to use today.  🙂 )

I think it’s one of his funniest pieces ever!

Here it is. Enjoy…

PS Stadium Pal is a real product! 🙂