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Be the B*tch First

Gold Canyon, Arizona

As I’ve said before, Sophie’s not a very nice dog to other dogs.

She’s friendly as can be to people, but she’s a bitch (no pun intended) to other dogs.


Doesn’t matter if they are male or female. She wants to be the boss and play her way which is very aggressively.


Side story to set the punch line:

I once had a sister-in-law who I had difficulty getting along with until I figured her out. If I approached her nicely at a family gathering, she’d nail me and be a bitch for the rest of the event.

Finally out of desperation I decided to try something else. At the start of the next family gathering, I criticized her for something. Cut her right off at the knees.

Voila! She was ever so pleasant the rest of the gathering that I decided from then on I was always going to …

Be the Bitch First! 


Sophie needs other dogs to treat her exactly that way!

If all other dogs would just prance up to her and knock her right on her butt, she’d be as nice as could be and they’d have all sorts of fun playing.

Alas, very few dogs do that, so Sophie doesn’t get to play with many other dogs because she’s always in this mode:



Pixie Bob

Gold Canyon, Arizona

The other day I met Gracie–a Pixie-Bob cat.


According to The International Cat Association,

The active, social Pixiebob is doglike in its loyal devotion to its family and makes a great companion for children while embracing the company of other pets. They bond strongly with their families and easily learn to fetch and to walk on a harness and leash. While the Pixiebob is an active cat wanting to take part in all your activities, it is also a very laid-back relaxed cat participating calmly in the family. They are an inquisitive, companionable cat that wants to be with you and to communicate with you in their own language of chirps, chitters and the occasional growl.

In the mid 1980’s a cat breeder in Washington state purchased two male cats that had some unique characteristics. They were very large and they were polydactal–had extra toes. She thinks that they were a cross between a domestic cat and a bobcat.

images (1)

One of these males mated with a barn cat and produced kittens with tufted ears, naturally bobbed tail, and grey tabby coloring with brown spots.


The breeder kept one female from the litter and named her Pixie. Pixie became the foundation for her program to create this new breed.

download (1)

Gracie, the Pixie-Bob I met, is a sweetheart. She sits on command. She’s very playful. And she’s a loving companion for her owners.

Get a Goat!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

The funniest running story I ever heard was from a woman named Kelle who lived in Fallon.

Much of Fallon is rural and there are wide dirt areas along each side of the paved roads.

finally-in-fallon-nvKelle was training for a marathon and putting in some long runs. She was doing an early evening run along Harrigan Road on a summer night.

As she ran down the road that’s populated with small farms, a goat decided to join her. The goat tagged along and kept up with her brisk pace.


Kelle tried running faster, but the goat kept up with her. She stopped running, and the goat stopped and waited for her to begin running again. She yelled at it to go away, but the goat calmly kept following along.

Finally, she decided to just continue on her run and pretend the goat wasn’t there.

The goat still followed her but wandered out into the street in the way of oncoming cars. One guy had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the goat.


He yelled angrily out to Kelle, “GET A DOG!”


I thought of that story yesterday while Sophie and I were on a trail run.

Sophie is a ball of fire at the start of the run. She bites at my feet and is a general pain in the butt. Then about 1/3 of the way in, she poops out and drags behind looking like she’s on her last breath.

That’s when we ran into another hiker who said I was going too fast for her to keep up.

Sophie probably would have agreed with him had she understood what he said. 🙂

But the minute we turned around to go run back to the start of our run, she ran like a gazelle and I had a hard time keeping up with her.


Guess she wasn’t all that tired after all.

Maybe I should “Get a Goat!”

Lost 10 Pounds!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

No, I didn’t really lose weight. Just feels like it because I whacked my hair off yesterday morning.

It’s been bugging me tons, and I’d had enough…

Now I know why most men wear their hair short.


It feels so liberating!

PS Don’t ever take a selfie looking up your nose. I had no idea my right nostril is almost twice the size off my left nostril. 🙂

Homer’s Cousin Palooza

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Homer’s cousin lives just down the street in Gold Canyon RV Resort.

Both are Palazzo (paw-law-zo)  coaches made by Thor, but they are different models. Palazzo is an Italian word for a large, splendid residence or public building, such as a palace or museum.

Thor markets the Palazzo as a “compact diesel pusher.” Diesel pusher means that the engine, which runs on diesel, is in the back. Compact represents the length of the vehicle which is short compared to other Class A motor homes.

Here’s Homer.


And here’s his bigger and slightly older cousin Palooza (paw-loose-awe).


Homer is a 33.2 model.


We have yet to figure out how the numbering system works for motor homes. Homer is 34 feet long. So the 33 is one number smaller than his overall length. I have no idea what the 2 is for.

Palooza is a 36.1 model.


He is 37 feet long, so that makes sense in that his model number is one number shorter than his overall length. But, again, I have no idea what the 1 is for. See what I mean about the numbering system? It’s almost as weird as pickleball scoring. 🙂

We have met one of Palooza’s owners. (I don’t remember her name, so I’ll call her Cindy for now.) Cindy’s a very nice, albeit slightly odd, woman.  She and her husband travel throughout the year from their home base in Ohio.

Cindy is an AKC certified dog trainer for Good Behavior. I’ve thought about asking her to help with Sophie’s tendency to tackle timid dogs and scare their owners to death. All the toy poodles’ owners would probably chip in for the training costs.



Cindy hasn’t really given her motor home a name; she just calls it “Palooza”. I think she thinks that’s how Palazzo is pronounced. 😉