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Praynksters in an Idaho Life

Our favorite news channel is KTVB, and one of my favorite things to watch on it is Brian Holmes’ Idaho Life. He reports on unique, wonderful, and Idaho-esque stories…

Yesterday’s story was about Pascal Karega, a young refugee  from The Congo who spent over three years in a camp after escaping civil war in his native country. He’s now in America, working two jobs, studying to earn his high school diploma, and taking care of his younger brother.

There is a local group called the Praynksters who use the idea of a flash mob and turn it into an opportunity to do good and have a good giggle at the same time. They are a faith-based group who surprise people in need with some Christmas presents. And they organize other kinds of ‘giving mobs’.

The Praynksters met with Pascal for their recent giving mob.

Here’s the video and the story that aired yesterday on KTVB:

EAGLE – It is the giving season and, once again, the “Praynksters” have surprised another person with a parade of presents.

It’s a typical weekday morning at The Griddle in Eagle. Diners are dining, cooks are cooking, and dishes are being diligently done in the back by Pascal Karega.

“Sometimes it gets a little crazy,” said Karega.

This job is another in a long list Karega’s had in the four years he’s lived in Idaho.

“I love working in the restaurant, it’s one of my favorite jobs,” he said.

“He had sort of a poise and charisma about him,” said his manager, Martin Oshiro, who hired Karega a few months ago.

“He’s got just a great spirit, he’s very uplifting, positive, he’s always smiling,” said Oshiro.

Which may be surprising considering where Pascal came from. He escaped the civil war in his home country of The Congo only to spend three and half years in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe. He doesn’t like to think about it.

“It is my country, I love my country. And it just makes me sometimes upset,” said Karega.

So instead he focuses on what’s ahead of him, even if that means at the age of 24 he is trying to earn a high school diploma, working two jobs six days a week, and watching over his younger brother.

“It has been a while since i slept for eight hours,” he said.

Even with as little time as he has, Karega was willing to sit down for an interview with what he thought was a documentary filmmaker.

“All I knew was he’s gonna come, do the interview and that would be it,” said Karega. But that wouldn’t be it.

Instead of being in a documentary about refugees, Karega was being made a recipient of the “Praynksters” giving mob.

“I think it was his story. We knew he had the right look and feel. It was just something divine that pulled us to Pascal,” said Jeff Agosta, a member of Praynksters.

One by one, more than two dozen strangers stopped and gave Karega a gift. And it didn’t stop there. The Praynksters also provided a wedding package for Karega and his fiance. And a local car company chipped in, too.

It was a moment Karega will never forget. And a reaction Agosta won’t either.

“He had that exhale of a lot of stress that’s been building up and it said, ‘Something’s paying off. I’m doing something right and somebody’s watching out for me,'” said Agosta.

Now Karega can continue to watch out for himself and his future, a long way from just taking up space in a refugee camp.

“You start planning because you see actually a way. It’s hard to start planning when you don’t know if there is even a way,” he said.

Karega plans to study business management in college after getting his diploma next year.

As for the Praynksters, they plan to do a giving mob again next year and hope to inspire others to give just a little of themselves.

If you would like to see the whole “Giving Mob” clip, click here.

Dad EE in the Box

Here’s a heartwarming Christmas story from England…

From Inside Edition:

Alfie and Lily must have known they were on the nice list this year when they saw the giant Christmas gift waiting for them downstairs in their English home.

They didn’t expect their father to be back from three months of military service, so they got quite a surprise when opening the wrapping paper.

Their mother, Ruth Stevens, made sure to record the holiday reunion.

Not really a Dad in the Box, but close… 🙂

Good News! Bad News!

Got some good news the other day.

The pickleball holding belt that Carol and I developed is selling well at — the online store that sells all things pickleball.


They emailed the other day and said

Your belts are a hit!  We need more!

Please find attached a P.O. from PickleballCentral.

That’s the good news.

The first order was for 30 I’ve Got Balls! belts. Easy peasy…


That’s a manageable amount to make. I made a few extra but not too many because we weren’t sure how they’d go over…

Turn’s out they went over very well.

The bad news is that they now want 60!


That’s a lot of sewing that I’ve got to do.

Thankfully it’s been a great football weekend, and I’ve gotten half made and ready to send out.

Pickleball Central was kind enough to take half now and half in a little while!

So today’s post is late because I’ve been attached to my sewing machine most of the day.  🙂


Special Movie Trailer

This is fun…

You may have seen it already because it’s been around since 2011,  but I just saw it yesterday on a Facebook post.


It’s still fun and heartwarming to watch something lighthearted and lovely!

Matt Still tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work on a Saturday and gets Ginny’s brother Charlie to take her see the Movie “Fast 5”. As the trailers begin to play, Ginny hears a familiar voice on screen. Watch the proposal that has now been seen worldwide!

Carol and I Have Got Balls!

Carol and I created a new product, and we received some great news yesterday!

A bit of background…

The product holds between one and five pickleball balls or tennis balls in a lightweight belt while you’re playing.


It was born out of frustration because it’s annoying to have to go gathering errant balls while playing.

Our product lets you keep playing longer because you have more balls ready to go…

IGBSo we decided to call the product, “I’VE GOT BALLS!”

And we are sewing it in three colors: orange, lime green, and black.

It took a while to get the design down and we had lots of help from other players who critiqued our initial trial belts.

Back to the present…

Last week, Carol sent a sample to an online pickleball company, and last night she received an email from them saying…


They ordered 30 for their initial order! Woohoo!!!!!!

I’m off to start sewing…

Orange-IGBs Green-IGBs Black-IGBs


Nature Rx

Spied this on Facebook.*

It’s a gentle reminder to get out of our heads and go outside once in a while… 🙂


Nature Rx brings us a spoof of a prescription drug commercial that’s too funny because it’s painfully true.

Sometimes the best medicine can be simply turning off the screen and going outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Try nature today!

There’s actually more to this than a simple spoof. If you’re interested in learning more, check out


* Thanks, Lorraine! 🙂

Police + Mental Health Coordinator

Meridian, Idaho

Three months ago the Boise Police Department created a new position: Mental Health Coordinator.

When officers respond to welfare checks resulting in a need for services, they can reach out directly to Penelope Hansen, the coordinator, knowing that she will help get people the treatment they need.

She is also training the officers so that they are better able to recognize the signs of mental illness. Officers respond to an average of 13 welfare checks per day, and many of those involve people suffering from mental illness.

BPD Chief Bones said, “I don’t know what lives this position will save, but I can guarantee that it is going to save lives.”

What a wonderful addition to the police department!

And what a wonderful resource for the community!

Hopefully this is a part of a growing trend…


Meridian,  Idaho

I’m a sucker for any story about twins.  Here’s a great one…


Getting a celebrity to answer your messages is tough, but it helps when you look exactly alike.


When Anaïs Bordier spotted a woman who looked exactly like her in a movie trailer, she knew she had to write the actress.

“Dude, we’re totally twins!” Samantha Futerman wrote back.

They totally turned out to be just that.


Once they started talking, they discovered that not only did they have the same birthday, but they were also born in the same South Korean clinic before being adopted by parents in France and the U.S.

The two women met in London, had a DNA test and the results confirmed that they are identical twins.


And Samantha, who has appeared in “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Law and Order,” is adding a directing credit to her resume — she’s creating a documentary, “Twinsters,” about the unlikely reunion with the twin sister who found her.

I haven’t been to a movie in over 15 years . This movie is one that I might actually go see in a theatre.

I’m intrigued  by the concept of finding the perfect best friend in an instant and yet not sharing any past…