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Perspective Visions

Troutdale, Oregon

Just leaving Fort Stevens in Oregon. Just love this place!

One of the things I noticed today is how we all see whatever we are looking for… Vision is a matter of perspective.

For example, I love both flora and fauna. So I’m constantly looking for flowers, shrubs, and trees that I haven’t seen before. And I’m looking for any kind of wildlife.

While here, I saw some fingerling fish jumping out of the lake. During my kayak tour, I learned that those baby fish shouldn’t be there because the lake is land locked and all the fish planted there are sterile.

Later that afternoon a black tail doe wandered through our campsite and over by the restrooms. I doubt that anyone else within our area saw her because they kept on partying.

Their focus and perspective in life is different than mine. Nobody’s is right or wrong… What we’re looking for and at in life is different.

On our trip into town I saw a raven that had just captured a tasty snake for dinner. (Alas no picture…)

The best sighting was of these three bulls. They were about a quarter mile from the ocean.


We had seen a smaller bull earlier that morning whose antlers were in the velvet. Cars passed by us by the dozens probably wondering what we were looking at while they were looking for and at different things…

Power of Habits and Patterns

Fort Stevens, Oregon

Here’s another quote: “Never underestimate the power of habit.”

This one is from The Midnight Disease by Alice Weaver Flaherty, a neurologist who “explores the mysteries of literary creativity”. (It’s an excellent book…)

Dr. Flaherty talks about how much of what we do is ingrained: habits so deeply embedded that we don’t even realize that we could do things differently.


Moving from a 2400 square foot house with a 2000 square foot shop into two 600 square foot storage units and a 280 square foot motor home has definitely made Rich, Sophie, and I re-examine our habits and patterns.

While walking through our old house, Rich passed on the right side while I veered to his left. Sophie even knew the traffic patterns in the house and where she should stand to have the best chance of getting a cookie.

Now all those movement patterns are out the window, and we’re starting from scratch. It’s both interesting and annoying.

Annoying: All three of us head for the single door out of the motor home at the same time looking a bit like the Three Stooges trying to squeeze through the narrow door.

Interesting: We can make a choice about new patterns. We could have before, but habit made those patterns seem set in stone.

While traveling last fall we met a elderly couple from eastern Canada. They had been married over 40 years. Every morning Ed fixed breakfast in bed for Marie who stayed in bed for at least an hour after eating breakfast and did crossword puzzles. This pattern continued even while they were traveling cross country.

Ed talked about how they had had a cat for over a decade. The cat helped him fix Marie’s breakfast every morning by standing a foot behind him in the kitchen. During the decade Ed carefully swung his leg over the cat every time he moved. Years after the cat died the habit continued and Ed still carefully swung his leg. I still get the giggles remember how Ed showed us exactly how he swung his leg…

So as we form new habits and patterns, I’m going to experiment and stir things up just a bit. How about eating dessert BEFORE dinner?





My Next Line of Work

Netarts, Oregon

I’m very fortunate to be on faux retirement for a few years.

I quit work based on Rich’s grandmother’s philosophy that retirement is wasted on the old. Gram believed that people should play when they are younger and work when they are older…

I fully intend to go back to work after we are done traveling, but I have no intention to go back to my previous line of work.

The thought of designing and creating a Web site for a professor who then complains that Google doesn’t find the site five minutes after I finished coding it makes me want to run screaming into oblivion.

Today I’m happy to report that I found my dream job: cheese factory worker at Tillamook County Creamery Association in Tillamook, Oregon.


I want to do the same thing over and over again every day with no surprise (or dumb) questions, particularly from professors…