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Attached for the Day

Sophie’s laying on my stomach right now taking a nap.


She’s been my best buddy most of the day and rarely more than six inches from me.

She LOVES me more today than yesterday.


I took her for a long hike up in the foothills today.

That’s her favorite– hiking.


But today was even better…

She got to go off leash AND there was snow everywhere.

I lost track of how many times she rolled in the snow.

She just loves snow even when it’s a frigid eight degrees outside.

And the best part of all that is that she’ll sleep most of the rest of the day.


A tired dog is a good dog.

And Sophie’s a very good dog this afternoon. 🙂

Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast

A Hailey, Idaho, resident heard a clatter in his basement early yesterday morning.

He ran downstairs to find . . .

. . . a cow elk — in the family room!


The elk was apparently hoping to play a little late night billiards before enjoying an early breakfast.


Actually, the elk had fallen through a basement window while foraging for food.

The owner called 911 and deputies were dispatched.


Blaine County sheriff’s deputies and Fish and Game officers drove the elk up the basement stairs and out of the home.

“It took us about 2.5 hours, but we got her out uninjured,” said Alex Head, Fish and Game senior conservation officer. “The basement will need a good, deep cleaning, but we are glad it worked out as well as it did.”

“It is one of those years, we have a lot of elk and we have our first normal snow levels in the past five years and elk are being pushed into the valley and getting into trouble,” said Daryl Meints, Magic Valley Fish and Game regional wildlife manager.

I can just imagine what the cow might say to her calf sometime next summer.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I fell into a little hole?” 

Sophie: “It’s Cold Outside…”

One of my favorite winter holiday songs is Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

It is sung as a duet where a man attempts a woman to stay a while longer for a romantic evening.

Just love that song…

Sophie tells me it’s cold outside in a different way.

The colder it gets, the closer to the house she does her ‘business’.

Must be really cold out because she is barely making it off the patio onto the lawn this week… 🙂


Dudley’s in Trouble…

Dudley, a darling Labrador puppy, is in big legal trouble!  Gotta love the English sense of humor…

From UK Daily Mail

Wanted for theft (of a garden hose) and murder (of a tulip bed): Police post hilarious joke appeal for wayward DOG called Dudley

Police posted a hilarious fake appeal for a dog who they said was later ‘arrested’ as part of a dawn raid.

Officers from Dumfries and Galloway posted the dog’s ‘mugshot’ on Facebook after a man reported the ‘theft’ of his garden hose and the ‘murder’ of his tulips.


They said the force’s ‘murder squad’ had identified the Labrador down using CCTV footage and later detained the five-month-old puppy, named Dudley, as part of a police operation.


In a similarly playful follow-up message, posted yesterday, the officers added they had followed a number of ‘leads’ and that it was expected the ‘perp’ would be sent to the ‘big dog house’.

In response, dozens of social media users started a spoof campaign for the dog’s release, using the hashtag ‘#freedudley’.

The post yesterday said: ‘You may recall on 17th September 2015, Police were informed of a theft and a subsequent ‘murder’ [theft of hose, murder of tulips].

‘The Murder squad quickly recovered CCTV from the locus of the “perp” in the act and circulated the suspect’s image to officers.


Facebook user Clare Muir said: ‘Poor Dudley…looks too innocent to have committed this outrageous deed. What about innocent until proven guilty? Free the Dumfries one.’

And Facebook user Jonathan Dempster hoped that the pup had been told its rights.

He said: ‘I hope an officer is going through the Puppies and Criminal Evidence Act with Dudley.

‘As his lawful defence, I submit Dudley was legally ‘ barking mad ‘ at time of the offence, and the court will note this is punishment enough, and request an order for Dudley be made to reside outside any big doghouse, instead having access to open fields, secure humane kennelling, and proper puppy care.

‘It is felt Dudley will make a full recovery, full rehabilitation, leading to the potential of Dudley making positive public contributions over the long term, I respectfully submit.’


Photo Booth + Dogs = Adorable

From Huffington Post

2 Pit Bulls Went Into A Photo Booth, Emerged As Stars Who Broke Down Breed Stereotypes

Some people look at a pit bull’s big blocky head, and feel afraid. Photographer Lynn Terry feels inspiration.

“They have that perfect shaped skull that is photogenic at any camera angle. They are typically energetic and happy,” Terry says. “Then again, I may just be biased because I love them as dogs too. I’m always rooting for the underdog.”

Nearly a decade ago now, Terry got to posing her beloved, photogenic pits in a dog-friendly version of a photo booth. The photos were for a local animal rescue group’s charity calendar, and they were a great big hit.

Terry moved on to other projects, for a while. But for a Valentine’s Day promo in 2014, she pulled out the booth again. Her own dog had died, and she decided to make sure that other people would have lasting images of their own favorite canines.

Those two dogs you see up above — Bumper and Willis, two pit bulls who live in St. Louis, both rescued out of fighting and now well-loved, deeply spoiled pets — came in and started kissing and mugging.

Terry got that feeling, in a big way, that she was onto something special.

“I knew immediately,” she says.


Soon, the whole world knew.

Practically overnight, Terry became an internet sensation. And now she’s got a brand new book, called Tails from the Booth, featuring dozens upon dozens of these wonderful pictures.


Many are of pit bulls. Some are of other types of rescue dogs. (A few aren’t rescues at all.)

All get the chance to show off their best, goofiest angles.

“I truly believe that I owe my career to animal rescue,” Terry says. “Through my photography, I have had the opportunity to generate much-needed revenue for these organizations. In return, I have been able to produce a huge collection of beautiful imagery.”

As for Bumper and WIllis, those dogs who got the ball rolling with this project — their mom Kelly Garrison says it’s been a great couple of years for them, too.

They love the attention, when their many fans recognize them out and about.

And Garrison’s thrilled to think of the good her dogs, in turn, might do.

“I hope everyone can see the true character of pit bulls through their silly, fun-loving expressions,” Garrison says. “It’s hard to believe that our two, who we just wanted pictures of, became this famous duo.”


You haven’t seen the end of these guys, either.

Terry’s got a new photo series that Bumper and Willis are starring in. It’s called Pitties as Pin Ups, and she shot it for the rescue group Mutts N Stuff‘s 2016 calendar. They’re defying expectations this time, too.

“Bumper got to do some ironing and laundry for the shoot,” Terry says. “And Willis was a librarian. He doesn’t mind wearing ladies’ clothing.”


Follow Lynn Terry’s work on Facebook. Order the 2016 Mutts N Stuff calendar here and Tails from the Booth here.


And get in touch at if you have an animal story to share!

Wishing You Dog Speed

Watch this to see some crazy fast dogs having a blast!

And their owners are having a rather good time as well…

From NBC News:
Off They Go! Dogs Descend on Indianapolis for Flyball

High-octane canines are competing this week at the North American Flyball Championships in Indianapolis, a city that knows a thing or two about speed.

The tournament is one of the world’s largest gatherings of Flyball enthusiasts and their eager pets, who seem to love the sport as much as their owners do — if not more.

Flyball is a steeplechase of sorts: two teams of four dogs each go muzzle to muzzle as the racing dogs take turns speeding past hurdles to retrieve a tennis ball and bring it back to their owners. Penalties are applied when a dog drops a ball or is released too soon.

The dogs seem to feed off each other’s energy, creating canine chaos.

“We don’t discourage barking — that’s their way of saying, ‘I’m having a blast,'” said Curtis Smith, an Alaska resident who has been coming to the tournament for seven years. “The camaraderie of the sport just can’t be beat,” he said.

The sport is far from obscure. There are over 400 clubs and 6,500 competing dogs in Canada and the United States, and this particular event has attracted teams from Norway and Japan.

Participants compete for the thrill; there is no cash prize. “You don’t make a penny,” Floridian Scott Earl said. “It’s all about little ribbons.”

But that doesn’t stop some from taking training seriously.

“They are athletes. We do a lot of work at the house, we work on conditioning. They eat better than we do a lot of the time,” Benjamin Hill of North Carolina said.

Although some owners have their dogs on strict diets and training schedules, it doesn’t necessarily take a champion to compete. “The everyday home pet can do it,” Hill said.