I know that lots of people like Donald Trump. And lots of people don’t like Donald Trump.

I worry most about his impact on America’s social norms. I’m concerned that we’ll change drastically into a bunch of bullies who just try to out yell, out criticize, and out belittle one another…

Actually, we’re already there in politics. I’m concerned that the trend will encompass more and more of our everyday lives…

Anyway, John Oliver devoted his entire 30 minute show, Last Week Tonight, to Donald Trump.

While I’ve never watched his show on TV, I have watched excerpts that appear on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Bazinga”

  1. Fascinating wasn’t it?

    I never met someone that said out loud she is a Drumpf supporter until last week. Blew me away. They really do exist!

  2. I love John Oliver. I learn more from his shows than much of the standard news shows.


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