Great Company + Good Times

The sixth cultural concept explored comes from Germany.

Gemütlichkeit (Iguh-myoot-lish-KYT) refers to a feeling of feeling cozy and content combined with good food and good drinks and, the most important part, great people to enjoy it all.


Gemütlichkeit  is a German word that means almost the same thing as hygge, and also has its peak usage during the winter.

In fact, some linguists posit that the word (and concept) of hygge likely came from the German idea.


Blogger Constanze’s entry on the German Language Blog for “Untranslatable German Words” describes how the word means more than just cozy: “A soft chair in a coffee shop might be considered ‘cosy’.

But sit in that chair surrounded by close friends and a hot cup of tea, while soft music plays in the background, and that sort of scene is what you’d call gemütlich.”


An introvert by nature, I will have trouble incorporating this into my life.

Perhaps if I start with small Gemütlichkeits in quiet tea houses that will help. 🙂