A Week of Culture

I first read about this almost a month ago and was intrigued instantly.

Then I promptly lost the article and searched for hours to find it again.

No luck until, Voila! It was front and center on my Facebook home page again yesterday.

I’ll be posting each of seven customs concepts over the next week, one per day.

I think you’ll be intrigued as well.

What I liked best about the examination of different cultures is how easily we can incorporate parts of them into our own lives.


Exploring other cultures helps us learn more about ourselves — and perhaps find a new celebration or concept that speaks to us.

To get started, here’s the intro to the article…

From MotherNatureNetwork.com:

7 cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S.

From the end of October through the New Year and onto Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to forget that the holidays we celebrate are simply cultural constructs that we can choose to engage in — or not. The concepts and ideas we celebrate — like our spiritual beliefs and daily habits — are a choice, though sometimes it feels like we “have” to celebrate them, even if we don’t feel like it.

Culture is ours to do with as we choose, and that means that we can add, subtract, or edit celebrations or holidays as we see fit — because you and me and everyone reading this makes up our culture, and it is defined by us, for us, after all.

If you want to add a new and different perspective to your life, there are plenty of other ways to recognize joy and beauty outside American traditions. From Scandinavia to Japan, India and Germany, the concepts below may strike a nerve with you and inspire your own personal or familial celebration or — as is the case with a couple of these for me — sound like an acknowledgement of something you have long felt, but didn’t have a word for.

Tune in each of the next seven days to see a different culture construct.