Motel 6

Carol and I are staying in a Motel 6 while we attend the pickleball clinic.

It’s a very nice motel that is conveniently located for all we are doing on our trip.


The room is nicely furnished and quite comfortable. The WiFi is great. And the television works perfectly. We are watching the Australian Open each night, keeping the sports theme. 🙂


I’ve NEVER stayed at a Motel 6 before this trip.

Here’s why…

motel6-1While growing up in Reno, it seemed like nearly every murder that happened at a hotel/motel happened at the Motel 6 on Wells Avenue.

At least three murders a year happened there, or at least that is what it seemed like as we watched the news every night during dinner.

So, I must admit that I was a bit leery about staying at this Motel 6 in the Sacramento area.

Carol assured me that it was quiet and a nice place to stay.

I trusted her UNTIL I went to get ice yesterday afternoon.

A woman was at the ice machine ahead of me and she had two HUGE bowls crammed FULL of ice.


That’s when I remembered the urban legend floating around the Internet years ago about the harvesting of kidneys from people placed in hotel bathtubs full of ice.


And because I have such a vivid and overactive imagination, I slept lightly last night with both hands wrapped around myself holding my kidneys… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Motel 6”

  1. I do not remember the news being on during dinner. Maybe that was because I was reading? I had no idea about all those murders nor that they happened at Motel 6. We’ll leave the light on for you is much creepier in your context. No wonder your mind leapt from the ice to kidney theft urban legends! I just would have thought of an ice chest that needed to be refilled or a party.

    By the way, Dan commented as we were looking for a place to park the other night, that his first murder case was in a particular parking lot. Not parking there in the future….

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