Gotta Love a Good Storm

I love stormy weather!

There’s something about the energy and lightness of the air that just invigorates me.

Here’s a beautiful video by Jeff Boyce, owner of Negative Tilt.

The title “Negative Tilt” refers to a “negatively tilted trough”, which is a rather rare meteorological phenomenon that produces particularly severe weather. And although I shoot using only digital equipment, I felt the term “negative” still tied in with photography. Now I just need to get a “tilt-shift” lens… 🙂

After you watch this video, check more of Jeff’s fantastic work out at I think I might be doing a little shopping there…

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love a Good Storm”

  1. I also love stormy weather, especially on the Gulf! I tried to get my walk in ahead of this storm that is coming through. I was talking to our neighbor and reminded him to take down his antenna. He said he is not worried about the antenna blowing he is worried about his trailer blowing away tonight. Guess we are in for a duzy. I guess maybe i shouldn’t be so excited about this storm tonight!!

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