Best Laughs in a Long Time

Carol showed me this video while we were on our trip.

It’s the best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

ALERT: Don’t watch while eating!

And just in case you want to laugh a bit more…

7 thoughts on “Best Laughs in a Long Time”

  1. I know a woman who was a like this with her first child. she even carried him away from her when his diaper was full. He developed a phobia about his bowel movements. He thought it was bad to poop. They struggled with that for years because he would get very constipated. I think to this day she doesn’t know that she could have been the problem. But yes, those videos are funny. Men are so tough aren’t they? Ha ha!

    1. How sad for her son! There must be lots of phobias about pooping… A co-worker’s son had to take off all of his clothes before he could go. Another’s had to shower after every shower.

      I’m okay with changing diapers.

      But I’m not okay with throw up.

      It doesn’t make me gag, but I get a terrible and long lasting case of the giggles.

      My kids were not amused when I laughed as they were barfing in the barf bowl… 🙂

      1. I gag easily, mostly with vomit. I get the giggles at inappropriate times, too. I will start to cry and then laugh hysterically because I know I sound ridiculous when crying. The worst bout of that I remember was at the movie theater watching “Terms of Endearment”. The other moviegoers were not happy with me (or my friend who was also a crying laughing mess).

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