Attached for the Day

Sophie’s laying on my stomach right now taking a nap.


She’s been my best buddy most of the day and rarely more than six inches from me.

She LOVES me more today than yesterday.


I took her for a long hike up in the foothills today.

That’s her favorite– hiking.


But today was even better…

She got to go off leash AND there was snow everywhere.

I lost track of how many times she rolled in the snow.

She just loves snow even when it’s a frigid eight degrees outside.

And the best part of all that is that she’ll sleep most of the rest of the day.


A tired dog is a good dog.

And Sophie’s a very good dog this afternoon. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Attached for the Day”

  1. She hasn’t been that happy since the last time we went on that hike six months ago. She frapped and just had a grand old time! 🙂

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