Best $3 Ever Spent…

I, like bazillions of others across the USA, bought a Powerball ticket for tonight’s drawing.


And I, like bazillions of others across the USA, won’t win.

But what better way to spend three dollars except on a dream of they myriad of ways to spend $1.5+ BILLION?

How fun to think of all the good one could do for oneself, one’s family and friends, and one’s community and world.


First thing I would do? Change my name and move to someplace new so no one knew me or my face.

Second thing I would do? Split it equally with Rich because we have VERY different ideas of what organization to donate money to.

Third thing I would do?¬†Get my passport and go to New Zealand. It’s the only foreign place I want to go to before I die.

What would you do?