As Rich gains more and more use of his right leg, he’ll graduate from using his walker to using a cane.

A-502-1356-0000CN-BI-01We got into a discussion yesterday on the correct way to use a cane.

Stop reading right now, stand up,and  pretend your right knee has been hurt. Grab an imaginary cane and take a few steps.

Seems simple, doesn’t it?

But here’s the weird thing…

Most people don’t know how to correctly use a cane.

Most automatically grab the cane with the hand on the same side as the injured knee, but actually the best way to use a cane is with the hand on the opposite side as the injured knee.

The only reason I know this is because I watched House and there was discussion of how Dr. House walked incorrectly with a cane.

He held his cane on the same side as his injured leg. Notice has much and how he limps.

When the cane is held on the opposite side of the injured leg, the mechanics of motion and balance are much more in tune.

It’s rare that I win a discussion, but I did win this one…

Of course, that was AFTER I found proof on the Internet.  🙂