Baby Steps

Rich went to see his orthopedic surgeon today.

x-rayIt’s been three months since his surgery to fix a tibial plateau fracture.

We were hoping that he’d get the news that he could start ‘walking’ today.

First came the x-ray…

Then came the doctor and his entourage. (Only have a picture of the doctor, not one that includes the two people who go with him everywhere he goes. )


The doctor said hello and asked how Rich was doing.

Rich answered, “Fine.”

Doc then asked, “Remind me… How long has it been?”

I jumped in and answered, “102 Days!”

Doc and entourage laughed…

Rich got the go ahead to start walking.

He’ll be using his walker and gradually put more and more weight on his right leg.

Doc said no physical therapy was needed unless Rich wants it.

Rich is going to try on his own doing walking exercises and muscle building exercises.

It all starts with baby steps…bob-baby-steps