World Traveler

Richie is off traveling again.  He’s starting in Vietnam hopes to visit other Asian countries during his 25 day trip.

And he’s one happy traveler!


If you’d like, you can travel vicariously through him by checking out his blog at (And if you want to receive an email to alert you when there’s a new post, click on the Follow link in the lower right hand corner.)

He doesn’t post every day. But when he does post, he  writes something so intriguing and engaging that you’ll think you’re almost there right alongside him.

(Yes, I’m biased because I’m his mother… But I really do think that his travelogues are the best ever!)


And his pictures are interesting as well.

Here’s part of his first post, written as he was leaving Seattle on Christmas day.

vnI’m starting in the south in HCMC and in about 3.5 weeks I’ll be flying out of the north and Hanoi. I know I want to do some hiking,  some diving (weather permitting), see the Mekong delta,  cruise through Ha Long Bay… But I’ve got no set plan… Just going to wander around for a couple weeks.

PS Took me a while to figure out that HCMC is Ho Chi Minh City. And I only knew that because I knew he was going to Vietnam.  🙂

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