My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend.

Her name?

Apsercreme W. Lidocaine


I have been having trouble with my knee for a while. Nothing serious, just annoying.  And it’s interfering with my pickleball game. 🙂

Last week it was really cold here and my knee started throbbing after I played pickleball for nearly four hours on concrete. (Stupid to play that long, but wow was it fun!)

I’m not sure if it was the cold or the four hours on concrete that made it throb. Probably a combination of both.

Regardless, it was a pain. Literally and figuratively…


I upped my NSAIDs, and that helped. But I didn’t want to continue them at that high of a dose for a long time, so I looked for a topical.

There are dozens to choose from…


So I looked for one that said maximum strength because, what the heck, why buy one that only had minimum strength? What would be the point?

I now rub some Aspercreme with Lidocaine on before pickleball and whenever my knee hurts during the day.

It’s not magic, but it does help.


And that’s why I have a new best friend that goes with me most everywhere…