Ever want to watch a telenovela–‘a limited-run serial drama’?

Telenovelas are popular basically everywhere but the U.S. Their name is derived from tele, short for television, and novela, a short novel.

Telenovelas are similar to soap operas, but unlike soaps they generally don’t run more than a year.

There’s a series that started a year ago on the CW network called¬†Jane the Virgin. It’s about “Jane Villanueva, a working, religious young Latina virgin, who becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake.”

While¬†Jane the Virgin isn’t a telenovela, it is similar to one in tone, playfulness, and content…


And it’s excellent! I highly recommend it!

Gina Rodriguez plays Jane, and her portrayal of a strong, confident, and religious young woman is spot on.

The supporting cast and characters are varied and perfect!


Season 1 is on Netflix, and Season 2 is currently airing on the CW.

PS Thanks to Melissa for telling me about the show. I’m loving it!

6 thoughts on “Telenovela”

  1. Would “Ugly Betty” be considered a telenovela? I liked that when it first started. It kind of went downhill after awhile….

    1. I didn’t watch Ugly Betty, so I’m not sure. One of the funniest ‘characters’ on Jane the Virgin is the narrator. What a hoot he is!

    1. It is similar to the Jesse Stone series, but I remember Stone being more of a loner. I’m reading the first Longmire book right now, and it’s interesting to see the back stories behind the characters.

  2. Will have to check Jane the Virgin out. Tom Selleck gives me the willies! And I’m not sure why…..

  3. I think you’ll love Jane the Virgin. I’m almost through with Season 1, and I’m hoping I can catch Season 2 on the CW Website.

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