It’s BOY-see Not boy-ZEE

Not long after Melissa first started at Boise State in 1999, she gave us a lecture on how to say “Boise”.

“It’s pronounced BOY-see not boy-ZEE.”

It took both Rich and I while to consistently get it correct.

The next city name pronunciation to work on was for the small nearby town of Kuna. Then Coeur d’Alene, or Pend Oreille. How about the really tricky ones like Kootenai or Pahsimeroi?

Now there’s a song that teaches newcomers and visitors how to pronounce Idaho cities names.


2 thoughts on “It’s BOY-see Not boy-ZEE”

  1. Ha ha! I still get freaked about when someone says “Nev-AH-da,” not “Nev-AD-a.” Goes right up my spine!

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