Dudley’s in Trouble…

Dudley, a darling Labrador puppy, is in big legal trouble!  Gotta love the English sense of humor…

From UK Daily Mail

Wanted for theft (of a garden hose) and murder (of a tulip bed): Police post hilarious joke appeal for wayward DOG called Dudley

Police posted a hilarious fake appeal for a dog who they said was later ‘arrested’ as part of a dawn raid.

Officers from Dumfries and Galloway posted the dog’s ‘mugshot’ on Facebook after a man reported the ‘theft’ of his garden hose and the ‘murder’ of his tulips.


They said the force’s ‘murder squad’ had identified the Labrador down using CCTV footage and later detained the five-month-old puppy, named Dudley, as part of a police operation.


In a similarly playful follow-up message, posted yesterday, the officers added they had followed a number of ‘leads’ and that it was expected the ‘perp’ would be sent to the ‘big dog house’.

In response, dozens of social media users started a spoof campaign for the dog’s release, using the hashtag ‘#freedudley’.

The post yesterday said: ‘You may recall on 17th September 2015, Police were informed of a theft and a subsequent ‘murder’ [theft of hose, murder of tulips].

‘The Murder squad quickly recovered CCTV from the locus of the “perp” in the act and circulated the suspect’s image to officers.


Facebook user Clare Muir said: ‘Poor Dudley…looks too innocent to have committed this outrageous deed. What about innocent until proven guilty? Free the Dumfries one.’

And Facebook user Jonathan Dempster hoped that the pup had been told its rights.

He said: ‘I hope an officer is going through the Puppies and Criminal Evidence Act with Dudley.

‘As his lawful defence, I submit Dudley was legally ‘ barking mad ‘ at time of the offence, and the court will note this is punishment enough, and request an order for Dudley be made to reside outside any big doghouse, instead having access to open fields, secure humane kennelling, and proper puppy care.

‘It is felt Dudley will make a full recovery, full rehabilitation, leading to the potential of Dudley making positive public contributions over the long term, I respectfully submit.’


4 thoughts on “Dudley’s in Trouble…”

  1. What an adorable “criminal”! I submit if there was any murder that it was the fault of the lazy tulip owner who couldn’t be bothered to fill a watering can and water the prize tulips. Hee – hee.

  2. Puppies are always cute–for five minutes and/or from afar. 🙂 The thought of going through puppyhood again just gives me the shivers….

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