How Many M&Ms Flavors Are There?

As I was perusing candies at my local store yesterday, I decided to buy some M&Ms.


Why? Rich likes them and I don’t like them as much so hopefully I won’t eat as many…

Apparently I haven’t shopped for them in a while because I had no idea of the plethora of flavors now available!

I counted at least nine flavors and that doesn’t include seasonal flavors!

One of the first things I studied in Business 101 over 30 years ago was the Product Life Cycle.

PLCEach product that gets to a point where it is sold goes through a common time line from introduction, to growth, to maturity, and then decline.

That’s why my favorite toothpaste keeps disappearing every few years. The manufacturers decide that sales have declined so they re-introduce a slightly modified toothpaste that then goes through it’s own product life cycle.


So, back to M&Ms.

I’m not sure what’s happening. Either the original M&Ms has a very long maturity time span or the introduction of other flavors of M&Ms help original M&Ms cycle back to the growth phase.

Here are the current M&M flavors NOT counting season flavors like Candy Corn and Gingerbread and Cherry Cordial and Red Velvet and…

Original Milk Chocolate


Dark Chocolate Peanut




Dark Chocolate


Peanut M&M-4

Peanut Butter




Mint Dark Chocolate


Mega 3X Milk Chocolate



6 thoughts on “How Many M&Ms Flavors Are There?”

  1. And what flavor(s) did you buy? Mike likes plain. But I’m all about dark chocolate, peanut butter and almond. Alas, Costco doesn’t sell those kinds…

  2. I’m not really an M&M fan. Sure, I’ll eat them, but I’d rather have an Almond Joy! 🙂

    If I buy some, I buy almond or peanut butter if I don’t want to share with Rich because he doesn’t like those. If I want to share, I’ll buy mint.

    I won’t touch pretzel or original with a 10′ pole.

  3. I really like M&M’s but try not to get them too often because it is too easy for one handful to become another and another…. I had no idea there were so many different types…. hmmm.

    1. You should do a scientific experiment, Joanne. Buy one of each flavor and have a tasting party to determine favorites!

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