Halloween in the City

This will be our first Halloween inside city limits.


Most Halloweens, we could count the total number of Trick or Treaters we got on two hands.

But the thing is… We never knew how many we would get, so I always used that as an excuse to buy LOTS and LOTS of candy.

Of course, I wanted to be prepared, so I bought the candy early.


And, of course, the candy was too tempting, so we at most if not all of it before Halloween.

So, of course, I had to buy MORE candy before Halloween. By that time, I was candied out, so I’d make sure I didn’t have any of my favorite candies. No Almond Joys. No candy corn. It was okay if it had lots of my least favorite candies. Snickers, M&Ms, Smarties…


Because we’re in a new location, I am not sure how much candy get.

Our subdivision has almost 150 houses which sounds like it might yield a bunch of trick or treaters. But most of the residents are retired, so I knew there wouldn’t be many from our subdivision.

However, there is a subdivision right next door that has oodles of kids. So I assumed that we’d need lots of candy.

Chocolate has gotten so expensive that I specifically looked for mixed bags that didn’t have chocolate but had some of my favorites: Tootsie Rolls!


I’m trying to ration my pre-Halloween feasting so that I have enough candy to actually hand out to however many kids show up.

If I’ve eaten too many, the kids will get healthier granola bars.

For some strange reason, there are lots of those in my house… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Halloween in the City”

  1. Ha ha! Will you carve a pumpkin and leave your lights on?

    Smarties give me a stomach ache. And malted milk balls will never touch my lips again. Not a good end result…..

    1. No to pumpkin carving. I’m leaving them out until Turkey Day. Yes to lights on all night. Otherwise our Home Owners Association will send us another nasty letter. Smarties do the same thing to me, and malted milk balls are just gross… 🙂

  2. I like smarties and malted milk balls. Candy corn and tootsie rolls are good for a couple of pieces for nostalgia. However, I would happily eat all your leftover snickers, m&ms, almond joys, Reeses, butterfingers…… I finally bought some candy yesterday although we’ve had less than a handful all the years we have lived here. But, I figure if someone makes it up the hill, they deserve a LOT of candy. That is, if we haven’t eaten it already.

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