A little belief goes a long, long way…

What happens when young girls who believe in themselves play with a Barbie doll?

Imagine the Possibilities! Barbie

What happens when a young boy who loves soccer moves from Spain to Northern Ireland and happens to connect with two coaches who believe everyone should have a chance to play?

Google Translate: Alberto’s Story

PS Thanks to Melissa for sharing these with me!

6 thoughts on “Believe!”

  1. I loved the imagination in the Barbie commercials. I preferred stuffed animals and rag dolls because they are soft and cuddly.

    The soccer story was heartwarming.

    1. I have always hard a hard time understanding Irish brogue. I think Google Translate might help. 🙂

  2. You are so right! When I was over there, I thought the accents of the Irish were far harder to understand then the English accents. However, I thought the Irish were more attractive, but maybe I am biased….

  3. Giggle. Did you see the BBC America ad with the Queen stating that “They say one’s dentistry is diabolical”?

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