My New Hill Trails

Sophie and I took off yesterday to find a new place to go for a walk and/or jog.

The one we tried a few weeks ago just didn’t feel right. I think we found a good fit yesterday…

It’s at the Eagle Sports Complex which houses a lot of sport venues including a skateboard park, bike trails and a BMX course.

A few random pictures from our virgin hike…

It has just the right amount of ups and downs and curves and swirls.


The views of the Treasure Valley are pretty spectacular.


The myriad of trails are well marked.


There is a lot of wildlife as indicated by huge badger holes. Didn’t see one thankfully, but I did see a jackrabbit. Sophie only smelled it and stopped in her tracks to figure out what was going on.


Some of the bike trails were indicated as MOST DIFFICULT.

When I saw these bridges to nowhere, I never thought anyone would jump off of them…


But I was very wrong.  This is where they land about 15′ below the bridge. 

There were lots of bicycle racers competing for prizes. 


And there are lots more trails to explore next time we go…



4 thoughts on “My New Hill Trails”

  1. Gotta love well marked trails. It seems that most of ours lose interest in marking them part way through….

    The jumps for the bikes are crazy. They must go through a lot of bikes and joints…. ouch.

  2. I was so shocked that they really DO jump off those bridges of no return. I am not sure if I really want to see someone try it. 😉

  3. Looks like the perfect spot for you two! Do u like it better then your “ranch” run? The bridge jump off is insane!looks more like a biking trail than a hiking trails. But you probably go during the week when no bikers are out.

    1. Alas, Lorraine, I still love The Ranch Run. If I could beam myself to a trail (so I wouldn’t have to drive to /from it), I’d be on Crooked River Trail by Edna Creek up above Idaho City nearly every day. It’s stunning and had so many trees that it is the perfect shade running trail.

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