Carol and I Have Got Balls!

Carol and I created a new product, and we received some great news yesterday!

A bit of background…

The product holds between one and five pickleball balls or tennis balls in a lightweight belt while you’re playing.


It was born out of frustration because it’s annoying to have to go gathering errant balls while playing.

Our product lets you keep playing longer because you have more balls ready to go…

IGBSo we decided to call the product, “I’VE GOT BALLS!”

And we are sewing it in three colors: orange, lime green, and black.

It took a while to get the design down and we had lots of help from other players who critiqued our initial trial belts.

Back to the present…

Last week, Carol sent a sample to an online pickleball company, and last night she received an email from them saying…


They ordered 30 for their initial order! Woohoo!!!!!!

I’m off to start sewing…

Orange-IGBs Green-IGBs Black-IGBs


6 thoughts on “Carol and I Have Got Balls!”

      1. I would like to play tennis, but it has been too hot…. yes I am a a wimp. I would love to have an excuse to start again.

    1. Carol’s created a new hat, Lorraine. Once we fine tune it, I’ll get you one.

      Someone asked us the other day if there’s anything we don’t make.

      We both answered – – MONEY! 🙂

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