A Day in the Life of Sophie

Sophie’s a busy dog…

Her day begins early in the morning, when Rich gets up to start his coffee brewing. He lets her out of her crate and she comes up on our bed to sleep with me a bit longer.

After a few early morning stretches…

0920150804b… she is on high alert watching for squirrels.


Sophie discovers that she made a mess of her bed last night and tries to lure me to straighten it up.


“What are we going to do today?”


“How about we play with my cupcake toy?”


As I go out to the garage, Sophie asks, “Are we going somewhere?”


And then decides if we are, it would be best if she untied my shoelaces because that’s what her job is… Day in and day out… Every time we go somewhere…


At this point she’s not sure if we’re going for a walk or for a drive. It’s best to see if the car door opens magically.


Once she’s in the car, it’s not quite as fun as she thought it would be.


Back from our drive, she needs a nap.


Nap’s over. “How about let’s play with my cloth Frisbee.”




“Wait a minute. I think I heard the UPS guy drive by…”


“Time to fix dinner.” Sophie’s always VERY nearby to help.


She thinks if she looks pathetic enough, she’ll get more treats. Rarely works with me. Works well with Rich.  🙂


Especially at the dinner table.


And then it’s TV time on the couch.


9 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Sophie”

  1. Ha ha ha! She’s so cute and such a good dog! And she is quite the morning stretcher! Gotta get me some of that….

    1. I’ve got to get some video of her antics–shoe untying, howling to ‘go for a walk’, thatching the lawn, and chasing soap bubbles.

      She makes us laugh every day.

      And she makes me mad every day.

      It’s her JOB! 🙂

        1. When she Fraps (Frenetic Random Activity Periods) outside, she runs in circles on the lawn and then bites the grass AS she is running. Her body flips around while her teeth are anchored in the grass. But she’s running so fast that she rips tufts of lawn out by the roots. Just like a lawn thathching machine. 🙂

          1. Way easier than during thatching yourself and so much fun to watch. You have to show video of that. I love the FRAPS description.

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