The Offending Trend

I love how Mike Rowe’s mind works.


Y’all know him. He’s the Dirty Jobs guy–the first reality show ever! And now he’s on CNN with Somebody’s Got to Do It.

I follow him on Facebook, and while he doesn’t post things all that often, when he does they are usually doozies.

Yesterday’s post was no exception.

Someone asked him to comment on this week’s controversy about The View hosts vs Nurse/Miss America contestant.

If you haven’t heard about it, here’s the gist…

One of The View‘s hosts criticized a Miss America contestant who was dressed in her work scrubs and gave a monologue about why she loved being a nurse. The host said she was basically just reading her work emails. Another The View host added insult to injury by asking “why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”


Here’s part of Mike’s Rowe’s take on what happened after the show aired:

The fallout was fast, furious, and utterly predictable.

– The twitter-verse exploded with righteous indignation.
‪#‎nursesunite‬ was immediately announced.
– Facebook exploded with righteous indignation.
– An apology was offered, but not universally accepted.
– Two advertisers left the show.
– Additional apologies were offered.
– Three more advertisers left.
– Thousands are now demanding the offending hosts be fired.
– Nurses are getting some fantastic and long overdue publicity.

And that’s a very accurate and succinct report of exactly what happened.

And below is why I love the way Mike Rowe’s mind works.

He cuts to the honest-to-goodness raw truth of the matter and tells it like it is…

This is how PR works in 2015. Thanks to social media, America now has the ability to express her outrage instantly, in 140 characters or fewer. With the press of a few buttons, we can summon lightening bolts from on high, and call for the destruction of anyone who dares offend us.

Unfortunately, this technology has come at a time when the whole country is just waiting to be offended. A flag, a comment, a candidate, a stupid joke…the slightest of slights are all fair game, and ripe for umbrage. The Offended are now a daily part of the 24 hour news cycle – a cycle driven by hashtags and hurt feelings and a thousand different agendas. Thus, a silly comment during a silly show becomes an opportunity for nurses to unite. And that opportunity becomes headline news.

And I agree… 100%.