Somehow You Just Know

I’m watching massive amounts of football again today.

Just love fall sports! 🙂

I don’t really follow specific teams, so I generally channel surf while I watch.

I was watching the Dallas Cowboys vs the Philadelphia Eagles and happened to be watching when Cowboy franchise quarterback, Tony Romo, was hit during a play.


As Romo walked off the field with assistance, anyone who was watching could see him mouth the words, “It’s broke.”

And indeed, he was right. Romo fractured his left clavicle.

I’ve broken quite a few bones in my lifetime. Our son, Rich, has broken at least a dozen. And our daughter, Melissa, has broken at least one. Rich has never broken a bone (which the rest of us find weird).

Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me that within a minute after the break, we have all said, “It’s broke.”

That quickly after the fall, hit, or whatever caused the break, it’s too soon for swelling,  but somehow you just know. It’s a distinct combination of intuition, nausea, and dread…

Somehow you just know that the bone is cracked… And sometimes, two are cracked.