My Two Cents

I’m probably going to ruffle a few of my Gentle Blogreaders’  feathers with today’s post, but hopefully we can agree to disagree…

Today’s post concerns Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has been jailed for contempt of court because she refused “to heed a U.S. Supreme Court order legalizing same-sex marriage”.


Not only did Davis refuse to heed the order, she was, in essence, given a second chance by being asked to agree not to interfere with five deputy clerks who had told the federal judge that they would issue them in her stead.

Davis’ lawyer told the judge that Davis would not allow her deputies to issue the licenses either. Her objection is that her name and title is printed on the licenses.

If she is found guilty of misconduct, Davis could face up to one year of imprisonment.

I wondered why she wasn’t simply fired. Because Kim Davis is an elected official,  she cannot be fired.

The state legislature could vote to impeach her.  However most Kentucky voters oppose same-sex marriage,  and it’s a pretty sure bet Davis won’t be impeached.

I acknowledge her convictions and support her right to honor her beliefs.

But I don’t think she should be able to keep her governmental job if she refuses to comply with federal law.

And that’s my two cents…