Walking–Addicted to Love

Meridian, Idaho

After dinner last night, Sophie looked forlornly into my eyes…


…indicating that she would love to go for a walk!

Apparently, going for a drive in the mountains, taking a nap together, and playing a rousing game of fetch weren’t quite enough for a day’s entertainment.

So off we went for a short walk around our subdivision.

Didn’t try this, but I might next time. 🙂

Anyway, I like to listen to music as we walk and last night I listened to Robert Palmer’s Riptide CD.

Most of the songs have the perfect beat for taking long strides while walking, especially Palmer’s signature song: Addicted to Love.

It’s a great song that is most famous for its video.

Many people probably thought of Addicted to Love subconsciously if they were watching a particular portion of the final awards ceremony of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Soccer gold medal match last week — young women carried the medals in wearing black dresses and high heels.


What an odd way to honor and celebrate a group of women’s athletic victory–with sexist stereotypes…

Take a look at Palmer’s quintessential Addicted to Love video to see what I’m talking about:

  1. How great the beat is to taking long strides while walking, and
  2. Why those of us watching the soccer awards ceremony thought of the video.

6 thoughts on “Walking–Addicted to Love”

  1. I have to say….Love that video/that song. As for the venue they used to present the awards… This is not the only thing that reeks of sexism. Among other things, did you know that the women’s professional soccer team makes WAAY less $$ than the men’s. The top scorer makes WAAY less $$ than the best player on the men’s team even though she made more scores in less time and set a record for the US. The women put in as much time and effort as the men and on top of it some of them have small children at home to think about. Not that the men don’t but it’s different with moms. Sometimes the oblivion of what our culture is doing and how far they think they have come is something I don’t want to think about. But I am so proud of the Soccer teams. The ones who won and the ones who didn’t win. It’s a really tough game. I used to play.

    1. Chris, You and my daughter should chat. 🙂 She’s been telling me about all of the inequities within the professional soccer communities. The one that got me was that the women were forced to play on astro turf even though Scott’s offered to put real turf in for free at all of the venues. But FIFA declined… I can’t imagine sliding on the astro turf…

      I haven’t played soccer, but it looks like an incredibly challenging (both mentally and physically) sport. I was impressed at how TOUGH all the women were. Simply amazing!

  2. I love that song and remember going to his concert at Tahoe? I was actually thinking about the other day….. Great show! No talking and just lots of great music.

    I also think fondly of the 5K for women only we did in Boise when Melissa was going to BSU and the finish line had guys in tuxedos and shorts cheering us on. And then the Diet Pepsi and yogurt and granola…. Fun day!

    1. I do remember that concert, Carol. Best non-Boz Scaggs concert I’ve ever been to! He sang his heart out, and then he sang and sang and sang… Amazing! 🙂

  3. Not only the sliding on the turf, but apparently the temperatures are much higher than on real grass. I didn’t hear that it was offered for free. That is even more amazing. Shame on the powers that be.

  4. I completely agree with Chris as to the pay and the turf. The temperatures are much higher. The pay inequity is ridiculous.

    Kathy, I immediately though of Robert Palmer, too. It was weird to have that image juxtaposed against the event. Tikva just showed me a video with role reversal playing off of that video:

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