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I’m a sucker for any story about twins.  Here’s a great one…


Getting a celebrity to answer your messages is tough, but it helps when you look exactly alike.


When Anaïs Bordier spotted a woman who looked exactly like her in a movie trailer, she knew she had to write the actress.

“Dude, we’re totally twins!” Samantha Futerman wrote back.

They totally turned out to be just that.


Once they started talking, they discovered that not only did they have the same birthday, but they were also born in the same South Korean clinic before being adopted by parents in France and the U.S.

The two women met in London, had a DNA test and the results confirmed that they are identical twins.


And Samantha, who has appeared in “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Law and Order,” is adding a directing credit to her resume — she’s creating a documentary, “Twinsters,” about the unlikely reunion with the twin sister who found her.

I haven’t been to a movie in over 15 years . This movie is one that I might actually go see in a theatre.

I’m intrigued  by the concept of finding the perfect best friend in an instant and yet not sharing any past…


8 thoughts on “Twinsters”

  1. What an amazing story! It does make me wonder how many other twins are out there that haven’t met.

    1. I think it used to happen more often, Joanne. Did you ever read about the “Jim Twins”?

      Identical twins Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were only four weeks old when they were separated; each infant was taken in by a different adoptive family. At age five, Lewis learned that he had a twin, but he said that the notion never truly “soaked in” until he was 38 years old. Springer learned of his twin sibling at age eight, but both he and his adoptive parents believed the sibling had died. The two were finally reunited at age 39. The similarities the twins shared not only amazed one another, but researchers at the University of Minnesota as well. The very fact that you had twin siblings separated at birth bearing the same name, both 6 feet tall and weighing exactly 180 pounds is pretty incredible. But there’s more.

      *As youngsters, each Jim had a dog named “Toy.”
      *Each Jim had been married two times.
      *The first wives were both called “Linda”.
      *The second wives were both called “Betty.”
      *One Jim had named his son “James Allan” and the other Jim had named his son “James Alan.”
      *Each twin had driven his light-blue Chevrolet to Pas Grille beach in Florida for family vacations.
      *Both Jims smoked Salem cigarettes and drank Miller Lite beer.
      *Both Jims had at one time held part-time posts as sheriffs.
      *Both were fingernail biters and suffered from migraine headaches.
      *Each Jim enjoyed leaving love notes to his wife throughout the house.

  2. Wow! That is so amazing! Cannot wait to see this movie!

    Love how they giggle and have so much in common.

  3. I had not heard about the 2 Jims. Raises questions about heredity versus environment…

    Carol, I love their giggling, too.

    1. I read a book about the Minnesota Twin study and it covered The Jim Twins in depth. Fascinating, but it would be to a twin. 🙂

  4. I can’t remember if you have read Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It deals with these issues of twins* special relationships. It was interesting, but I find the ending part really creepy.

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