Meridian, Idaho

Carol has come up for a visit.

We’ve had a blast…

Today, I thought I’d write a bit about us as twins…

We have, obviously, been twins our entire lives. (Hee hee!)

Identical Mirror Twins

twins-2Carol and I are what’s known as mirror twins. We are identical twins, twins that form from a single fertilized egg, where the split occurs more than a week after conception. Had the split happened much later, we would have been conjoined twins.

Mirror twins often have physical characteristics that display on opposite sides as if they were looking in a mirror. For example, I have a mole on my left ear that matches one on Carol’s right ear.

Twin Telepathy

I love being a twin, and Carol does, too. We have a built in best friend for life. Carol and I have often experienced a twin telepathy although it doesn’t happen as often now as it did when we were teenagers.

When we double-dated, we’d often finish each other’s sentences, thoroughly annoying our dates who couldn’t keep up and didn’t understand why we were laughing uncontrollably.

Double Trouble

CandKatLVSG-web-300x300One of the strangest things about our childhood was that when one of us broke a bone, the other broke the same bone on the opposite side within two days.

When we were 10, I fell out of a tree and broke my right arm. Mom rushed me to the emergency room for a cast and sling. Two days later, Carol fell out of swing at school and Mom rushed her to the emergency room for a cast on her left arm.

This happened three times: twice for broken arms and once for broken fingers.

Who is that?

twins-3Carol and I have two other sisters.

Carol’s been scanning all the childhood photos of all four of us on to Flicker. I’ve been going through the photos, tagging and labeling with names and locations.

Even I have to admit that it’s weird because until Carol and I are about six, it’s virtually impossible to tell which twin is which.

Sometimes I’ll guess and put who I think is who. But usually I simply tag our combined photos with “The Twins” and photos with just one of us with “One of The Twins”.

While that might not sound that strange, imagine what it would be like if all of your childhood photos were simply labeled with Child #3 or Daughter #1.

Actually for Carol and I it’s not that weird. Even though we’re in our late 50′s, we’re still called The Twins by our family.

All that being said, I still like to guess who’s who in photos.

I’m pretty sure Carol’s the one on the left of this picture picking her nose. Hee hee…

8 thoughts on “Twinspiration”

  1. I have always been fascinated with twins and the mystery of how things happen in life, as you described. In the Pickle Ball Paddle photo, are you the one on the left in green? I barely know you Kathy but I think that one is you.

  2. Yes, I’m the one in green. Good catch, Chris!

    I’ve always been bigger than Carol, so that’s one easy way to tell us apart.

    We were 17 ounces different in weight at birth, and we are 17 pounds different now! 🙂

  3. WOW! I had it wrong. I thought you were on the right Kathy, in the white Tshirt. I can tell you guys apart when you are together, but in photos I can’t. OK, the cute photo of you two, looks like you are in school uniforms, the twin on the right, as you are looking at the camera, that is the nose picker on the bottom photo. The left hand either just came down from the nose or is heading for the nose! You “the twins” are so, so cute!

  4. I remember being so bummed when I finally figured out when I was little that I was not going to have/be a twin. I usually guess that the twin who is out in front in older photos is Kathy. So I would guess that Kathy is the one on the right in the school uniform photo. Am I right?

  5. I agree Joanne, I think Kathy is the one on the right who is getting ready to pick her nose again.

  6. ♥♥♥ LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥

    Couldn’t have asked for a better twin sister! So many great memories! And oh the fights….. Remember breaking each others fingers once or twice? All good!

    1. Love you, too, Carol!

      I’m always amazed when I meet or hear about twins who don’t get along, like Jean and Jane.

      I just don’t get how they can’t be perfect best friends! 🙂

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