Took a Little Tumble…

Meridian, Idaho

Four years ago today, I took a little tumble off of my bicycle and my health has not been the same since. (More about that in an upcoming post…)

I was on the last half mile of a wonderful 25 mile ride along the Boise Greenbelt. I was staying at Melissa’s house while she was in Seattle visiting Richie. Rich was in Fallon visiting his dad.

I had just lost 40 pounds to reach my goal weight and was feeling (and looking) marvelous. Just marvelous!


I’m still not quite sure how the fall happened. I think I caught the edge of the pavement which caused my front tire to turn sideways as I went over the handlebars. I was riding alone, so I’m not sure if I blacked out. I do remember thinking “Oh, this is going to be bad…” as I was falling head first into the pavement. I had a bicycle helmet on, but those do nothing to protect chins. 🙁


When I got up, I saw that my knees had some impressive strawberries. I had apparently kept my hands on the handlebars because my knuckles were pretty bruised up and bloody as well. I raised one hand to my chin and saw blood as I pulled it away.

I needed to get back to my car, so I road my bike the last 1/2 mile and loaded the bike. As I got into the car, I  looked in the rear view mirror and knew immediately that I had to get to the hospital because my chin was very swollen and I wasn’t sure if I had broken a wrist.

xrayThe hospital was only a couple of miles away. After waiting just a short bit to see the ER doctor, he came in, took one look at my chin, and said, “I’m pretty sure you’ve broken your jaw. We’ll need an x-ray to confirm it.”

The second time I saw myself was when they pulled the x-ray machine down in front of my face and lined up the cross hairs. I looked at my reflection in the glass and said, “Holy Shit!” when I saw how swollen my face was only it came out, “Holy Thit!” through my swollen lips.   🙂


Turns out my jaw wasn’t broken, just very bruised. Here’s what the underside of my jaw looked like when I got home later that day… Impressive! I felt like Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade character.


I was concerned about my hands and wrists and thought they might be broken. But the doctor had me squeeze his hands and said I was ‘very strong’. I said, “Well, maybe, but I’m clumsy and after two falls in three weeks maybe I should start acting my age.” He said, “What you’re doing is just fine. You are acting your age.” That made me feel lots better.

I still ride my bicycle, and I’ve taken a few falls since then. But, thankfully, none of them were as bad as this one…

2 thoughts on “Took a Little Tumble…”

  1. Oh Kathy, this is so hard to look at. I remember you came up to our home to make sure if you called us we would be home if you needed to go to the hospital because you were alone. After all the problems you are having with this fall, it probably would of been better to have broken your jaw. Where did that 4 years go?

  2. Wow. It is still so painful to see how hurt you were on the outside without even taking into account how it affected your whole internal system! Wish I could have been there to help. Hugs.

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