Old Broad Aid

Meridian, Idaho

When we  bought Homer,  we traded in my car.  No need to have it sitting in storage for a year.

When we  came back to Boise and decided to not travel full time,  I needed a car.

So we  bought a new one.  The  only requirements were that it was a mid-sized SUV and that it a GMC.

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We ended  up with a GMC Terrain,  and I love it.

My only  complaint is that it’s white. Not that white is a bad color for a car.

It’s just  that there are always dozens of white SUVs in the parking lot and I have a hard time finding my car.


I found a cheap and effective solution… 

It’s about a yard  of knitted ribbon that I found at Walmart.  I made a pompom out of it and tied it to my antenna.


Because it’s a knit, it stays on even when driving down the highway.

It’s the best aid for this old, forgetful broad who never remembers where she parked her car. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Old Broad Aid”

    1. Rich won’t let me put a pickleball because the vibrations might eat up the antenna coating. Maybe one of the new softer balls might meet his specs. 🙂

  1. I hate trying to find my car, too. I put cling on stickers from Apple products for each family member. It cracks me up and helps me find it. I think your method or the pickleball is easier to find from a distance though!

    Congrats on the new car.

  2. I’d love to see a picture of your stickers, Joanne. That’s an excellent idea. 🙂

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