No Soliciting

Meridian, Idaho

I hate to be completely unsocial, but I don’t want any soliciters knocking on our door.

This has become a problem for us since moving into the city. When we lived 20 miles out of town, we got a few. But living in town has exponentially increased the number of soliciters we have knocking on our door.

I finally decided to put up a “No Soliciting” sign.

I was shocked at how many different signs there are. Obviously others feel the same way…

From the polite:

To the assertive:

To the pro Girl Scouts:

And the humorous:

I decided finally on this sign:

Square Sticker 3" x 3"

And I bought some extras. If you want one, please either send me an email or submit a comment on this post.

I’ll send you one as a free gift in the hopes that you don’t get any door-to-door soliciters during the upcoming election season. 🙂

4 thoughts on “No Soliciting”

  1. I love how girl scout cookies are the only allowed solicitation. Guilty pleasures…

    1. I can’t remember the last time a girl scout came to the door. They’re so smart, they just set up shop at brick and mortar stores. One of the stores we shopped at in Phoenix had an agreement with the girls scouts. They could set up inside the store (so the chocolate wouldn’t melt 🙂 ), and then the sales were rung through the stores’ registers. Worked well for everyone!

  2. We don’t get many either but living in the swing state of Nevada, we sure get tons of phone calls. Hate that too! Dreading the next 16 months…… If I could only get Patricia to use the cell phone to call!

    1. I LOVE not having a land line, Carol. I still get some robo calls on my cell phone, but I never answer a call unless I know the caller. Drives Rich crazy. “Well, who was it? What did they want?” My answer: “Don’t know. Don’t care.” 🙂

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