Morning at the Market

Meridian, Idaho

Rich and I went to the Boise City Market yesterday morning with Melissa.

It was grand…

We got to see the University of Idaho famous mascot–The Vandal.


And some full-sized Rainer beer cans that were strolling along…


We’re still not quite sure why they were out for a stroll,  let alone of they could see it off their costumes.  They had  a guide with them at all times.


Some beautiful plants including a cornucopia of succulents.


A man making balloon sculptures. He was hoping for a very busy day; he had at least three hundred balloons tucked into his supplies belt.


Jack Thompson makes some amazing pieces out of wood. I took some pictures so maybe Rich can make me some once he gets his shop built. 
0718150957a 0718150957

This photography looked almost too real to be real. 🙂


I bought one of these wire, bead and glass objects and talked with the artist for a bit. She’s from Idaho City.

She’s lived there almost 40 years and is not quite considered a “local” yet. (You have to visit Idaho City to understand how true this statement is… 🙂 )0718150956a

It was a fine market,  and we had a great time.


2 thoughts on “Morning at the Market”

  1. Fun! I want to go again as we both enjoyed it so much two years ago. Where has the time gone. Did you buy the glass/wire object to make some yourself? Where did you guys park? I am wearing my FitBit again so walking around will be fun. Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. I’m thinking about making some of the glass/wire objects myself, but first I need to unpack and figure out where all my craft crap is. 🙂 We parked at the parking garage on 9th and Idaho. It’s an easy walk to the market, but we were surprised that the market isn’t in the Center on the Grove anymore. You have to walk through it to get to the market, but there’s lots of construction going on downtown. Enjoy!

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