If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes

Meridian, Idaho

What if our society changed its ways and treated teachers like we treat pro athletes?

What if we deeply focused on teachers–how they teach, who they engage in their lessons, and recognized each and every little thing they do in and of a school day, let alone a school year?

Here’s a great parody found by my brother-in-law, Dan Cohen. Thanks, Dan!

Be sure to watch until the end to see the perfect BMW commercial with the teacher as the owner… 🙂

From Slate

By now, the lament about how our culture privileges athletics over education is an old one—but Key & Peele has breathed new life into it in their latest sketch, “TeachersCenter.” A spot-on parody of SportsCenter’s hyperbole-laden talking heads, busy CGI ticker screens, and obsessive play-by-plays, the clip cleverly reimagines athletes as the educators we entrust our children to every day.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a biting critique that says a lot about the economic and symbolic power we assign to an industry in which men are considered exceptional for throwing a ball. But the best part of “TeachersCenter” might just be the incredible ads dropped in throughout—being a teacher has never looked so sexy.