National Junk Food Day

Meridian, Idaho

cd9829a9988b3fa782ea50ec0ad2fe75.image.120x90Shoot, I didn’t know it was National Junk Food Day yesterday until after I went to bed.

If I had known, I could have eaten way more crap throughout the day and not felt guilty because I would have been celebrating an important day. ūüôā

Anyway… ¬†Here are parts of the ¬†funny, ¬†and yet informative, article by¬†Amy Roberts and Julie In I read on about new junk foods…

9 bizarre snacks to try for National Junk Food Day

At CNN, we love sampling new snacks. Chips, cookies, candy, pretzels … you name it, we’re not picky.

So when snack-food makers come out with bizarre new hybrids — toasted coconut & sea salt Triscuits, anyone? — we’re not afraid to try them.

When we learned that Tuesday is National Junk Food Day, we at the CNN Library jumped at the chance to put our taste buds on the line. In honor of the holiday, we librarians bravely conducted taste tests of some of the most bizarre flavor pairings to hit the snack market this year.

After all, librarians love gathering information. And this wasn’t just snacking, this was Research.

Here’s our personal take on nine new strange snacks. Maybe they can help you find a fun treat to mark this momentous occasion.

Heinz Sriracha Ketchup

Amy Roberts: Why would you want Sriracha-flavored ketchup when you most likely already have ketchup and Sriracha sauce at home and can mix them yourself? Because you are lazy. That’s OK. We are, too.

This ketchup blend has less Sriracha than you might think but just the right amount of kick. I wasn’t sure until I tried some on a breakfast sandwich from the CNN Center food court, and then I was hooked. I’m totally going to start buying this.

Julie In: Sriracha — good. Ketchup — good. Sriracha ketchup — undecided.

I like the kick of Sriracha at the end and the balancing sweetness of the ketchup, but the hint of garlic seems out of place. I like garlic on its own, but here, it seemed like a third wheel interfering in the marriage of Sriracha and ketchup. (Disclaimer: I did not try it on a breakfast sandwich.)

Amp Energy Zero Blueberry White Grape Drink


Julie: My primary thought after one sip was: This is awesome! I love this feeling. I love the rush. I feel powerful. I can feel the alleged antioxidants from the blueberry and white grape flavoring coursing through my veins. I’ve tried a lot of energy drinks in my time, and this flavor combination is my favorite.

Amy: “It’s sugar-free!” was my primary thought as I felt my heart beating out of my chest after one sip. As a bonus, the blueberry and white grape combination was unexpectedly good. We also tried the original as a control, which tasted like “hot Mountain Dew,” aka my new band name.

General Mills ‘Star Wars’ Cereal


Amy: As a fan of “Star Wars” and sugary cereals, I think this is the best thing to happen to me in my whole life. It’s like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms got married and had babies — fruity babies in the shape of spaceships and light sabers. If you share my passions, this is for you. Darth Vader and Yoda are on the limited-edition boxes now, and two more characters will appear on new box designs in October.

Julie: “Star Wars” and cereal seems like an unlikely pairing, but after the first spoonful, I made the connection. The fruity cereal and marshmallows transported me to “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” — before I discovered the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup and it was still acceptable to act out fight sequences from “Star Wars.” (I still act out the scenes, but it’s not as cute when you’re an adult.) The double dose of nostalgia was so delicious, I had to have seconds.

Trader Joe’s Baconesque Popcorn


Amy: OK, this is the best thing that’s happened to me in my whole life. (This list was done in chronological order.) “Baconesque” refers to bacon flavor, not real bacon, which is good for vegetarians. (The package isn’t specifically marked as vegetarian, however, but it is kosher.)

The smoky flavoring combined with the white cheddar is enough to make me say, “Yes, I’m having this popcorn as my dinner. You got a problem with that?” There will not be enough to share.

Julie: I only got a small taste because Amy slapped my hand away when I went back for more. We both liked the white cheddar and the smokiness of the bacon. I’m a card-carrying carnivore and didn’t even miss the real bacon.

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