Hocus Pocus

Meridian, Idaho

Years ago, Carol and I bought a series of CDs called theĀ SMART Technique Automatic Fat Loss Program.

slThe CDs were supposed to help us lose weight simply by listening to them.

Alas, they didn’t help with fat control šŸ™‚ , but they were amazingly effective at helping us take a nap each day while listening to one of them.

Each session on the CD lasts between 35 and 45 minutes–just the right amount of time for a quick afternoon nap. Between the warm up for the nap and the wake up from the nap, the actual nap is about 20 minutes. Perfect!

It’s hard to describe how listening to the CD inducesĀ naps with a combination of music, guided imagery, and silences using a type of self-hypnosis…


Melissa called them “Hocus Pocus” whenever we talked about them. Carol, her daughters, and I all giggled at the name and the name stuck.

I’ve been using Hocus Pocus for the last few weeks to help me both take a nap and to fall asleep at night because I went through a period of insomnia.

It’s rather weird because within each session the talker reminds me to wake up to the bell if I’m just napping or to sleep through the bellĀ if it’s night time and I want to stay asleep.


Nine times out of then, that suggestion works.

If I’m really tired, my napĀ goes over the preferred 20 minute power nap time becauseĀ I don’t hear the bell.

But a long nap isn’t necessarily a really bad thing. šŸ™‚

Especially because I know I can Hocus Pocus later that night and fall right back asleep again. šŸ™‚