Diet Pepsi Dilemma

Meridian, Idaho

I’m a Diet Pepsi junkie.

If there were DP Anonymous meetings, I’d be tempted to go. But thankfully, as far as I know, there are no meetings.

I have been drinking Diet Pepsi for at least 40 years. Yep, that long…

I gave it up for Lent once–longest 40 days of my life!

94aaa5815ffc70bb1f6bf72ada5973fdLately, there’s been a change in the bottling methods of Diet Pepsi and it’s creating a dilemma for me.

They’ve changed the sizes of many of the bottles.

I used to buy it in two sizes: 24 ounce to drink as I was in the car and 2 Liter to drink at home in a glass over ice.

Both sizes were perfect!

Today’s post concerns the 24 ounce bottles.

The 24 ounce was enough for a long car ride, and I even had a bit left to share with Rich.

But as of this spring, there are no more 24 ounce sizes sold.

There’s a 16.9 ounce which is almost one-third less than the perfect 24 ounce size. Alas, I don’t have enough to share with Rich anymore when we go on drives. 🙂

 I thought I was the only one who missed the 24 ounce bottle, but then I found a support group on Facebook.


I got the giggles when I read some of the posts on the Pepsi please bring back 6 pks. 24 oz bottles Facebook page.

Here’s my favorite from a fan who thinks there’s a connection between the size of toilet paper rolls and Pepsi bottles:

I was a faithful Pepsi fan for the last forty plus years. Ever since the 6-pack of 24oz bottles came out I have purchased about six a week as it was about the only thing I drink. It is the perfect size to take a couple to work. I hate cans and am not fond of the small bottles. I feel you are doing the same thing the toilet paper people did. Make it smaller, charge the same price and maybe they won’t notice. Well, I noticed and I will no longer buy any of it. I now only buy toilet paper from Costco and I no longer drink Pepsi. I have done what my kids have wanted me to do and am drinking ice tea and more water. Basically, lost me as a faithful customer by treating us like idiots.

Obviously, “Faithful Pepsi Fan” and I are not the only Pepsi fans who are upset with the change…

Please bring back the 24 ounce bottles. I can’t even find the 20 ounce bottle anymore. 16 ounce bottles fall over in the cup holder in the car they don’t fit in my cooler cups come on Pepsi please get real. 

Still giggling over that one. As I read through the posts on the Facebook page, I’m beginning to think that all of us who are addicted to Pepsi are just a tad crazy….


There are lots of smaller sizes of DP available, but for obvious reasons they won’t work for me.

When Rich saw the 8 ounce size at the store, he said, “There’s no way that would even be enough to get you out of the driveway.”

Ha ha ha… He’s right. 🙂