Walking–Addicted to Love

Meridian, Idaho

After dinner last night, Sophie looked forlornly into my eyes…


…indicating that she would love to go for a walk!

Apparently, going for a drive in the mountains, taking a nap together, and playing a rousing game of fetch weren’t quite enough for a day’s entertainment.

So off we went for a short walk around our subdivision.

Didn’t try this, but I might next time. ūüôā

Anyway, I like to listen to music as we walk and last night I listened to Robert Palmer’s Riptide¬†CD.

Most of the songs have the perfect beat for taking long strides while walking, especially¬†Palmer’s signature song:¬†Addicted to Love.

It’s a great song that is most famous for its video.

Many people probably thought of Addicted to Love subconsciously if they were watching a particular portion of the final awards ceremony of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Soccer gold medal match last week — young women carried the medals in wearing black dresses and high heels.


What an odd way to honor and celebrate a group of women’s athletic victory–with sexist stereotypes…

Take a look at Palmer’s quintessential¬†Addicted to Love¬†video to see what I’m talking about:

  1. How great the beat is to taking long strides while walking, and
  2. Why those of us watching the soccer awards ceremony thought of the video.