Women’s World Cup Soccer

Meridian, Idaho

Both of our kids are in Vancouver, Canada to watch the gold medal match in Women’s World Cup Soccer today: USA vs Japan.

They have been planning to go for years and are so excited to watch the USA team compete for the gold!

Oddly, they are sitting in the same numbered seats, one row apart from one another even though their tickets were bought at different times. 🙂

What’s interesting to me is that they watch the game in totally different ways…

Melissa has been playing soccer in a women’s league for many years. She didn’t play soccer in high school, but she’s a fan and player now.

Richie didn’t start watching soccer until about six years ago. He watches not only for the athletic competition, but he’s intrigued by how countries’ different cultures come through on their different playing styles and coaching strategies.

Rich and I have started watching the games because of our kids’ interest in it. Slowly, ever so slowly, we are starting to understand it.

But tonight we won’t be able to text them to ask what something means because I’m sure they won’t respond during the match. 🙂

Go USWNT! (United States Women’s National Team)

PS Here’s a short video about true ‘soccer moms’ — players on the team who are actually moms!