Tipped Too Far

Meridian, Idaho

The Tipping Point is an excellent book written by Malcolm Gladwell. “The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”

We witnessed the tipping point recently in regards to the feelings of the Confederate flag since the Charleston shooting travesty.

While there have been movements towards removing the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina capital for years, the scales just tipped towards removing it and it will be a huge surprise if their legislature doesn’t vote to remove it.


But has the issue tipped too far?

The city of Boise has a display of the flags from all fifty states at its city hall building.

Boise City Hall

Mayor Dave Bieter has asked that the Mississippi state flag be taken down because it contains the Confederate emblem . “Bieter felt it wasn’t appropriate for the city of Boise – with its welcoming reputation and immigrant population – to fly that state flag.”

Flag_of_Mississippi.svgI get not flying the Confederate battle flag on state property, but I don’t get not flying a state’s flag within a display of all fifty states’ flags especially when there are six states in the South that live in the shadow of the Confederacy and have purposely designed state flags with that in mind.

From FirstLook.org:

Alabama: Designed to resembled the flag of the 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.


Arkansas: Top star added to show state was part of Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865.


Florida: Cross was added in 1900 by suggestion from Gov. Francis P. Fleming, a Confederate soldier.


Georgia: The state has a complex history with several flags. This was the flag from 1956 – 2001.


Georgia: This is current flag. Resembles the first national flag of the Confederate States of America.


Mississippi: This has been the flag since 1894 and attempts to change it in 2001 failed.


Tennessee: This is the flag since 1905. Slightly resembling the Third National flag of the Confederacy.


4 thoughts on “Tipped Too Far”

  1. Good points, Kathy. Fascinating history surrounding the selection of those flags. I had no idea. I didn’t realize that the “Confederate” Flag was really a battle flag (Lee’s I think), and not that of the confederacy itself. My 2 cents is that a display of the flags from all 50 states should have all 50 states. History books should have all flags. I have found it interesting it is the Republican politicians who have had to dance around the subject so as not to tick off their conservative constituency. Party has changed just a tad from the days of Abe Lincoln.

  2. Good points, too, Joanne. If people want to buy a Confederate battle flag, great. Stimulate the economy. But IMHO that battle flag shouldn’t fly on state property. And if the states want to change their flags, fine. But all 50 flags should be flown. I haven’t heard of the Mississippi flag being taken down at Mount Rushmore…

  3. I’m thinking about starting a contest to see how long before Mississippi’s flag is back up at City Hall. My guess is before Labor Day.

    I think Mississippi should take down Idaho’s flag and shout, “Neener, Neener!”

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