Waiting Room Observations

Meridian, Idaho

I was sitting in a doctor’s office yesterday.

Waiting… Waiting… And…


It wasn’t really that long, and I actually don’t mind waiting, especially in hospitals or airports. The people watching is simply amazing!

Before I talk about what I observed, here’s a quote I love from Rich’s stepfather that’s appropriate for this situation:

We spend a third of our lives sleeping,

We spend a third of our lives working.

And a third of our lives are spent waiting.


Too true. 🙂

Here are my random observations from about 30 minutes of waiting room observations…

  1. President Obama is mentioned a lot, and most of the comments are not favorable either about him or Obamacare.
  2. The older the commentator, the fouler the language used to describe the president. (One 80+ year old man called POTUS “a lying b*st*rd”, not just once but multiple times to whoever would listen and/or not listen.
  3. And, most important to me, I’m not ready to go back to work at a place where I’d have to make chit chat with coworkers.

The two receptionists in front of me and two more behind me solved all the world’s problems while they were working.

Topics ranged from how to care for rose bushes to “Should I move for a new job even though I’d be hundreds of miles from my son because he lives with his mother–aka my ex-wife.”


Maybe, according to the above, everything would be okay for the child if the dad has a garden for his son to play in. 🙂

It’s not that I don’t want to hear others’ opinions and stories. It’s that I’m scared to death that I’ll be expected to remember them from one day to the next.

And because I have a bad case of CRS (can’t rmember sh*t), I’d live in fear everyday that I’d have to try to remember things like a coworker’s special Christmas gift for her granddaughter. And I’d be the office misfit because I couldn’t…