It’s Kind of Great

Meridian, Idaho

I went to an acupuncturist yesterday (more about that in tomorrow’s post), and one of the first things she said to me after “Hello!” was, “You’re consuming too much sugar.”

And I was like, “Well, duh!” 🙂


She’s right. I do eat too much sugar. So I’m going to cut back, but I won’t go cold turkey.

As I wean myself off of the hard stuff, I’ll have one of these now and then…


They are quite yummy. I first found them at least 18 months ago at an Albertson’s here in Boise. But since then they are EVERYWHERE!

There are lots of different flavors, and some of them have only five grams of sugar! Woohoo!

5-grams-of-sugarIn comparison, two Oreo cookies have nearly three times that amount.

And the Kind bars are full of nuts with fiber and protein so they are actually even more filling than Oreos.

Oh, and you can even buy Kind bars on with free shipping if you have a prime account.

There are a variety of flavors and sizes to suit most everyone’s taste buds.

Happy Snacking!