It’s a(nother) Sign!

Meridian, Idaho

Well, I got a(nother) sign to go on  a diet this morning.


I’ve had lots of signs:

Pants don’t fit.


Three stomach rolls instead of two.


The Idaho news alerted citizens to the fact that there’s a candy shortage in our area…candy-shortage

And those signs bothered me, but apparently not enough to start cutting back on what I’m consuming.

But this morning, I got the BIG SIGN to knock it off!

I woke myself while snoring!


I only snore when I’m really getting up there in weight.

And I hate to snore…

So, it’s time to cut back.  🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s a(nother) Sign!”

  1. You really had me LOLing when I read this. When I started with Kaia, I snored a lot. And another annoying female problem that hinted would decrease with losing some weight. And Kaia was great. I lost over 20 pounds but the snoring and the other annoying problem are still here. Maybe not as much but still here. :o(

    So, if I lose another 20 pounds will both those problems fade completely? If only…..


    1. I’m hoping they fade a lot, but I think that hoping they fade completely is an unrealistic dream. 🙂

  2. Giggle. I haven’t woken myself up, but I am so used to Dad’s snoring that snoring doesn’t faze me. Even one of my roommates in college snored loudly (almost like Dad). Now, “chain-stoking” (sp?) where Dad or Dan change breathing patterns freaks the heck out of me. It is hard for me to sleep during an episode. Now, once I am asleep I am generally out unless a kid or animal is in distress….

  3. I reminded myself of Grandma when I woke myself up. She used to do it all the time. 🙂 And the funny thing is that each time she was so surprised — like it had never happened before.

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